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New Look, Same High-Quality Cannabis

New Look, Same High-Quality Cannabis

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Notice something different? This fall, we here at Hometown Hero are excited to share our official brand refresh with you, complete with a new logo, packaging, website, exciting new product developments down the line, and, of course, maintaining our mission of giving back to U.S. veterans in need. 

In this blog post, we're going to cover the specifics of these improvements that will enhance your journey to Mind Your Mind and beyond. Let's begin. 

Why the New Look?

Change isn't anything new to us. Those who have been with us for a while may have noticed our transition from bottles to bags for our gummies. If you've paid keen attention to our packaging, you may have seen that we've experimented with various styles inspired by the Pop Art Movement with our Sour Collection and Art Deco with our Live Rosin Strains Collection

With our brand revamp, we're happy to settle upon one unifying look, featuring organic vibration patterns that better evoke the "feel" of cannabis in a more refined and mature look. After all, if you're offering high-quality cannabis, you might as well dress the part. But that's not all there is to it. With a consistent brand design, we intend to make it easier for you to find our products at your local smoke shop and dispensary

Our Logo

Hometown Hero New Logo

Our new logo reflects Hometown Hero as a cannabis brand offering a growing number of products, such as mushrooms, adaptogens, and psychotropics. As you may notice, at the center is an H embedded in an elegant leafy design that's instantly recognizable. Plus, as a bit of a design Easter Egg, you will notice the "leaves" point upwards and downwards diagonally, which is a nod to the uplifting and unwinding dichotomy between the Indica and Sativa variants. Pretty neat, right?

Our Packaging

New product packaging for Delta-8 THC 25mg Gummies, "RELIEF" collection

We've heard the same thing about our bags for a while...they were hard to reach into (and we agree). Well, you spoke, and we listened. Our new packaging is much wider and shallower, allowing easy access to your favorite gummies. 

Additionally, our packaging now features clearer labeling of a product’s effects, ingredients, and credentials. On the front, you can find what the product offers, plain and simple, such as "relief" for our Delta-8 Gummies and "balance" for the well-rounded mind/body experience provided by our Select Spectrum Collection

On the back, we adopted a more standardized format to help you find nutritional information, Good Manufacturing Practices, lab-testing credentials, and directions for how to enjoy our products best. 

After all, we believe it should be easy for you to know what our products do, what's in them, that they've been made in a facility that meets (and exceeds) standards for quality, and that they have been tested for safety by a third party. Plus, they've got a cool wave pattern that looks even better after a gummy or two (but first, check out the recommended dosage on the back of the bag). 

Our Website 

New Hometown Hero website with improved navigation menu.

A full brand refresh cannot be complete without a new website, right? Like the other changes, this improvement goes far beyond looks- although you must admit, it's a step up.

Here are a few things that are worth knowing about our new site: 

Upcoming Developments

Gummies in the shape of the new Hometown Hero Logo

There are some developments that are still in the works. One significant change you can expect is that we're going to reshape our gummies to match the shape of our new logo. If you like to cut them for a lower dose, don't fret. Their shape is still symmetrical for nice, even cuts, and we're still using our infusion process, which ensures even consistency throughout the edible. 

As for the other things down the line… We'll have to be a bit hush about the specifics regarding that, but we can tell you to expect a broader range of options for our cannabis products and even offerings beyond the realm of cannabis. 

Final Thoughts 

Hometown Hero Group Photo

Hometown Hero began as a project started by two friends out of a home in North Austin eight years ago. Since then, we've had the privilege of working with many great organizations that help U.S. veterans in need, won the fight against prohibition several times, and led the way for innovation within the hemp industry. 

We're still the same team with the same mission of helping veterans, fighting for hemp access, and making high-quality cannabis (and more). And for all of you who have supported this mission throughout the years, we thank you, and we hope you're just as excited as we are to enter this new chapter. 

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