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THC Pills & Capsules

Our Delta-8 THC capsules and Delta-9 THC pills provide a sugar free option to experience tranquility with convenience. This discreet format allows for easy THC consumption no matter where you are.
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Delta-8 Capsules

Made with just a handful of natural ingredients, these sugar-free capsules embody elevation with simplicity.

Delta-8 Capsules Bottle
5 stars
Delta-8 Capsules
15mg D8/Pc


Our revolutionary fast-acting products with a blend of vitamins, minerals, and THC. Designed for active lifestyles.

Purple tin of 30 pills
5 stars
ORCA Relax
25mg CBD/Pc 5mg CBN/Pc
Pink tin with 30 pills
5 stars
ORCA Energy
2mg D9/Pc
Teal tin of 30 pills
5 stars
ORCA Recovery
2mg D9/Pc
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What are THC pills?

THC pills are usually small, rounded masses that contain tetrahydrocannabinol, a family of psychoactive constituents derived from the cannabis species. THC Pills are also known as:
  • Delta-9 tablets
  • Delta-8 tablets
  • THC soft gels
  • THC capsules
Because of the rise of hemp-derived cannabinoids, THC pills can contain not just Delta-9 THC (the "traditional THC") but other forms such as Delta-8, Delta-10, and similar cannabinoids such as HHC. 

What’s in THC capsules?

As a rule of thumb, you're always going to find some variation of THC in a THC capsule. However, as mentioned earlier, there are plenty of different varieties of THC out there on the market. Plus, some manufacturers may include lipids (fatty, oily, waxy compounds) to improve THC absorption in the body, and other compounds, which can consist of vitamins, minerals, caffeine, and beyond.

When shopping for THC capsules, it's best to go over the ingredients to make sure you're purchasing the right product and composition for your needs. 

THC Pills & Capsules Effects

No matter the variant of THC, the effects will usually revolve around relaxation, laughter, focus, creativity, a sense of awe, and more. Some variants of THC will be better for different effects, but that's a whole other subject. Generally, the effects of THC capsules and pills will come down to the type of THC added, the medium of THC added (distillate has an onset/effects similar to edibles, nano will deliver lighter effects with a ~15-minute onset), and any additional ingredients. For example, a THC capsule with MCT oil will have greater potency than a capsule without it due to lipids boosting the bioavailability of the compound

THC Pills vs. Other Formats

Believe it or not, the effects of THC pills can be similar to either two different formats: edibles or tinctures.

When a THC pill or capsule contains distillate (100% pure, concentrated THC), it will behave more like an edible, meaning the effects may take longer to set in; however, these effects will be more potent and longer-lasting.

On the other hand, with nano-emulsified THC (a technique that breaks particles into droplets on a nanoscale), the effects are similar to sublingual administration with a tincture. Generally, nano THC pills will have an onset of ~15 minutes, with lighter effects compared to edibles/distillate pills. 

How long do THC capsules last?

In general, THC capsules and pills will have a long shelf life, with some reaching up to 2 years. However, it's always best to check the packaging of the THC capsules/pills you've purchased for an expiration date. Besides that, it's best to keep THC capsules and pills out of direct sunlight at room temperature. The reason why you want to store THC pills and other cannabis products this way is because prolonged exposure to heat and light will eventually degrade cannabinoids over time, making the product less potent. 

How long do THC pills take to kick in?

How long it can take for THC pills to kick in can vary depending on the medium of THC in the THC pill. Pills made with THC distillate will take anywhere from an hour to two hours to kick in, while THC pills made with nano-emulsified THC can kick in as early as 15 minutes after consumption. Everyone's experience is going to be a bit different because of how unique each individual's endocannabinoid system is, along with other factors, such as having a meal before consuming a pill, which may delay the onset further

Where to Buy THC Capsules?

You can purchase THC capsules and pills from this website. We currently offer Delta-8 Capsules made with distillate and MCT oil, perfect for those seeking daily relief from physical discomfort.

Two pills from our ORCA collection of products, ORCA Energy and ORCA Recovery, contain 2mg of nano-emulsified THC along with formulations geared towards prepping you for a workout or recovering from a workout. Because our THC capsules and pills are hemp-derived, it's legal to ship them across state lines to your doorstep. 

Are THC pills legal?

Yes, hemp-derived THC pills are federally legal. For a cannabis enthusiast, federal legality means that you can buy such products online because they are permitted to cross state lines.
On a state-to-state basis, the legality of such products will vary because, unfortunately, despite hemp being federally legal, many special interest groups have worked with state legislatures to either limit competition or maintain outdated, inaccurate stigmas against cannabis. However, you can rest assured that at Hometown Hero, we will not put our customers into legal jeopardy by sending them a product that's illegal in their state. 
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