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ORCA starts with the mind to activate your power, bolster your resilience, and drive you into unhindered motion.

Made For Endurance

Our formulas are curated to help you activate your natural runners high faster, push your limits, and recover stronger.


Made using nano technology to ensure fast absorption within 15 mins.

Plant Science

Microdosed THC and CBD for precise Endocannabinoid system activation without overstimulation.

Multi-Nutrient Formula

Sugar free formulas made with an optimal blend of vitamins and plant compounds.

The Lineup

Meticulously crafted products to ignite your potential at every stage and maximize your gains throughout your fitness odyssey.

Orca Energy


Propel yourself to untapped levels of motivation, speed, and stamina.

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Orca Recovery


Replenish and restore for a swift bounce back.

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Orca Relax


Unwind and find inner tranquility to seize the next day and the day after.

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ORCA Roll-on

Unlock targeted rejuvenation with our Roll-On, containing a curated blend of Delta-8 and Delta-9 with a soothing touch of menthol to deliver formidable recovery.

This topical product activates endocannabinoid receptors in the skin to deliver relief where you need it when you need it while maintaining your sense of clarity.

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Orca Roll-On


Proof lies within the passion. Hear from other runners, doers, and pioneers of the movement to discover stories of achievement and inspiration.

I tried the energy pills before working out and loved it. Not too much of a "buzz" and loved how easily I fell into the flow of the movements I was working on. I was able to easily get in the zone and made the entire experience more enjoyable. There wasn't enough caffeine in them to have a crash but I still felt like they provided a really nice boost to my mood and energy levels


The recovery roll on is a GOD SEND! I feel like its been cutting down my muscle soreness significantly. I also love rolling this on my neck after a hot yoga session, the menthol instantly cools me down.


The relaxation pills are great if you are looking for a less intense way to relax. I don't exercise as regularly as I should, but exercise or not, these are great for winding down in the evening.



The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a network of receptors and neurotransmitters firing away to maintain intricate balance within your body. During exercise, the ECS becomes activated to regulate various physiological processes. It produces the “runner’s high,” manages pain perception, regulates sleep, and much more.

ORCA taps into this innate mechanism and optimizes its functions to help you redefine the boundaries of your potential.

THC primarily activates CB1 Receptors
CB1 receptors are found in:
  • Brain
  • Central nervous system
  • Other tissues and organs
Activating CB1 receptors during exercise can lead to:
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved focus
  • A sense of euphoria


Elevate your journey with curated bundles that optimize pre-workout preparation, accelerate recovery, and rejuvenate your body.

ORCA Runner's Bundle
ORCA Runner's Bundle

ORCA Recovery Bundle
ORCA Recovery Bundle



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