How We Fight

Hemp-derived cannabinoids are federally legal, and state governments have legalized these products. Unfortunately, outdated prohibitionist stances and special interest groups are working around the clock to criminalize these legal, lab-tested products and snuff out thousands of jobs.

At Hometown Hero, we work on a state and federal level to protect hemp access, jobs, and consumers. We do this by working with lobbyists, advocacy groups, and think tanks that believe in personal freedom, reasonable policies, and less government overreach regarding cannabis.

Chief Strategy Officer

At the forefront of our fight is Hometown Hero Chief Strategy Officer Cynthia Cabrera. Cynthia is a longtime industry advocate, bringing in over a decade of experience in the hemp and medical marijuana sectors, with a proven track record of coalition building, industry advancement, and operational expertise.

In June 2023, the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) appointed her as Chair of the Cannabinoids Council, a position reserved for board members well-versed in regulations and policies surrounding hemp-derived cannabinoids. A driving force for science-based and sensible hemp regulations, Cynthia's knowledge, efforts, and experience are a critical component to our legislative victories.

Our Efforts

Our Efforts

We have lobbyists working in multiple state legislatures and Capitol Hill to ensure that the interests of the hemp industry, hemp jobs, and customers are protected and fought for. Our lobbyists work year-round (even when a session is not taking place) to remain in tune with the current state of affairs and to anticipate upcoming legislative actions.

We care about our customers, employees, and the ability to conduct business where it is legally possible. And that's why we devote significant time and resources to protect our legal rights.

The Hemp Industries Association & State Organizations

Since its inception in 1994, the HIA has advocated for hemp businesses, research, and supporters in the United States and Canada. They have a long and successful track record of protecting hemp, including challenging the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in four landmark federal cases.

Because we know that we are stronger as a unified industry, we also sit on the board or serve as members at several state-specific associations, including:

Hemp Industries Association
  • Hemp Association of Louisiana
  • Missouri Hemp Trade Association
  • Minnesota Industrial Hemp Association
  • Texas Hemp Coalition
2023 Efforts Update

In our home state of Texas, we successfully avoided an all-out ban on Delta-8 products and other threats during the 88th legislative session. We accomplished this by having four teams on the ground preparing for the session, developing strategies, and making connections.

Overall, the industry has remained protected except in a few states where sessions resulted in a less-than-ideal outcome. However, there is still devoted interest within the hemp industry to undo these destructive policies.


States Where Hemp Remains Protected:

Alabama Arizona Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Minnesota Mississippi Tennessee Texas West Virginia


States With New Bans/Restrictions:

Arkansas Maryland Virginia

Get Involved

The fight for hemp isn't limited to just Washington and state capitols. It's going on in your local community. That's why we encourage constituents and businesses to engage with their municipal governments to stay informed about current rules and policies surrounding hemp and help enact the change necessary to keep hemp products available.

If becoming involved interests you, feel free to connect with us. We'd love to hear from you and know what's happening in your local community.