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Growing High-Quality Cannabis

We aim to help people embrace the present, feel grounded, and tune into themselves, and that all begins with the processes involved in making our products.

Organic & Sustainable Cultivation

Nestled just outside our hometown of Austin, Texas, lies the Texas Wine Country, where a small, locally-owned farm we partner with grows the hemp we use for our products. This region is known for its abundance of nourishing sunlight, mineral-rich sandy loam, and cool nights that promote growth.

Each plant is given a headstart in an indoor, controlled environment. Afterward, our grow partners move them outside, where they can flourish.

Plant Greenhouse Plants

Protective Microbes

Selected microbes naturally protect our plants from termites and other pests instead of chemical pesticides.

Organic Compost

To supply nutrients, locally sourced compost is used instead of artificial fertilizers.

No-Till Farming

This technique reduces erosion while boosting biological activity and organic matter in the soil.
Trimming & Processing
It takes a great deal of time, patience, and effort to grow quality hemp, and we make sure that little goes to waste.

Large Buds

We send our larger buds to Oklahoma to get processed into flower products.

Small Buds & Trim

The smaller bits of the plant are put under supercritical CO2 extraction to extract their natural compounds. We then derive various forms of THC from these cannabinoids.


We reuse our stems as compost to fertilize our plants or dispose of them responsibly.
Crafting & Ingredients
We use restaurant-grade equipment in a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) certified facility to make most of our products. Through proprietary methods and top-shelf ingredients, we can offer greater consistency and flavor.


We infuse our edibles whenever possible for a more even distribution of cannabinoids and a smoother, palatable taste.

MCT Oil Emulsification

For our gummies, we emulsify our distillate in MCT oil. This practice helps your body absorb more THC.

Health Inspections

Much like other facilities that make consumable products, ours undergoes random health inspections.

Selected Partners

We work with handpicked and vetted gourmet confectioners to make our caramels and taffy products.
Full-Panel Testing

Full-Panel, Third-Party Lab Testing

Safety and consistency are our top priorities. That's why we send a sample from every batch we make to a third-party, DEA-certified laboratory to deliver comprehensive full-panel test results you can trust.

We make our test results easily accessible by linking them through a QR code on our product packaging and listing them on this page.

Method Cannabinoid Content Contamination Detection
Full-Panel Testing
Potency Test

Shipping & Delivery

Cannabis products can degrade over time when exposed to light and high temperatures. After manufacturing, we ship our products in a refrigerated truck to our climate-controlled warehouse to ensure continued freshness.

For delivery, we only ship through the U.S. Postal Service. As an independent agency of the federal government, the USPS is well aware of the federal legality of hemp, and using this service best guarantees that your shipment arrives untampered.