A Peek into Hometown Hero's Hemp Growing Process

A Peek into Hometown Hero's Hemp Growing Process

Ever wonder where your favorite Hometown Hero products come from? 

Well...we took a trip out to the farm to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at how we grow our hemp! 

Check out the photo gallery below for a glimpse into how we achieve seed to flower freshness. Let's take a look.

Each plant starts its life in a climate-controlled environment...

Some remain indoors for the rest of their life cycle...

Others are potted...

And spend the rest of their life outside...

After three months, they are mature enough to harvest...

Great care is taken not to damage the flower in the harvesting process...

Nor to let it touch the ground...

And at the end, some of the flower is taken to a drying room to cure, while other flower is made into bubble hash for live rosin...

Hemp That Feels Good (In Many Ways) 

At Hometown Hero, it's not just about handcrafting small-batch products that taste as good as they feel. 

Those things are a high priority to us, but we're also dedicated to legality, safety, and sustainability. 

Throughout our growing and manufacturing process, we test our products during the:  

  • Preharvest 

  • Postharvest 
  • Raw material stage
  • Blended stage
  • Final product stage

And you don't have to take our word for it because we send each batch of our products to a third-party, DEA-registered laboratory. 

That means a total of six rounds of testing for each product, and you can access the third-party results right here! 

Plus, to keep Mother Nature happy, the farm we work with uses organic and sustainable practices, such as:

  • Using select microbes instead of chemical pesticides to protect crops
  • Amending the soil with oyster shells, crab shells, and seaweed gathered from the Texas Gulf Coast
  • No-till farming that helps conserve water, deter erosion, and reduce the emission of CO2 from the soil
  • Enriching the soil with locally sourced compost instead of using chemical fertilizers 

We hope you enjoyed this view into how we deliver top-shelf, premium hemp products. 

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