Get Involved

Hemp products are under legislative attack in Texas.

Sadly, this is occurring in other states as well.

The threat in Texas is real.

Now is the time to contact elected officials to tell them to vote NO on SB 264 and HB 4238.

If you are not in Texas, your state might have similar ban bills or bad regulation bills.

Bad Bills:

  • Texas SB 264 & HB 4238
  • Louisiana HB 605 & SB 219
  • Florida SB 1676 & HB 1475
  • Arkansas SB 358
  • Tennessee SB 378
  • Minnesota SF 73 & HF 100
  • And counting...


Click the link below to find your state representatives and their contact information.

Phone calls are best, emails are next best.

We encourage you to reach out in a respectful manner to explain why hemp products are vital to you, your business, employees, and/or your business.

A short, concise message conveying the reasons (whatever they are) that you need hemp derived products to remain on the market can go a long way. We need every business and every consumer of hemp derived products to contact their representative.