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How is Delta-9 THC At My CBD store?

How is Delta-9 THC At My CBD store?

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By now, you may have noticed some new products at your CBD store, more specifically, hemp-derived Delta 9 products. For some, this may be confusing. How is Delta-9 legal? To keep it short, after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp became federally legal, and since this law change, states across the country have legalized it as well.

Today, you can find hemp-derived Delta-9 products almost anywhere you go, with a variety of forms to choose from. Whether you’re looking for CBD flower, full-spectrum CBD, or our line of hemp-derived Delta-9 products, they are available for purchase in person or online.

But before we guide you on finding these products, let’s start with the bill that made it possible—the 2018 Farm Bill.

Let’s Talk About the 2018 Farm Bill

In the United States, there have been a total of 18 farm bills enacted, but the 2018 Farm Bill is by far the most critical, as it not only provided farmers with new regulations to follow but it also legalized hemp on a federal level.

At the end of 2018, the 2018 Farm Bill was signed by President Donald Trump. Under this bill, hemp was legally defined as a cannabis plant with 0.3% or less of Delta-9 concentrations on a dry weight basis. Anything above this amount will be considered marijuana.

Even though marijuana is legal in some states, it remains a Schedule l drug and is federally illegal. This means, any product of marijuana cannot be sold online, cross state lines, or be purchased with a debit or credit card. However, hemp doesn’t follow these guidelines. In fact, hemp can do everything listed above.

Once hemp became federally legal, lawmakers have worked diligently to modify their hemp policy to align with the 2018 Farm Bill. Looking back, the cannabis community has grown immensely, as the government from all sides has not only encouraged farmers to produce hemp but has made hemp-derived products accessible for all citizens.

The legal journey for hemp has been long and treacherous, but the path we are on now has allowed us all to reap the benefits of this miraculous plant, including all its derivatives, cannabinoids, and extracts.

What is Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC?

The complexity of hemp continues to leave scientists with questions. So far, we have identified over 113 naturally occurring cannabinoids in hemp, yet there is still uncertainty surrounding the purpose of these compounds, except a few.

CBD and Delta-9 are the stars of the cannabis industry. It seems like everyday hemp companies all over the country are crafting new and innovative products to improve the overall consumer experience, but what makes Delta-9 different from the rest?

While there are many forms of THC, Delta-9 THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the first compounds to be discovered in not just marijuana but hemp plants as well.

If this is the first time you have heard of Delta-9 deriving from hemp, let us help clear the air. Marijuana plants have a higher concentration of Delta 9 THC, but in comparison to hemp, you will find that it produces a lower amount.

Either way, hemp-derived Delta 9 can be expressed in a wide range of cannabinoid content, anywhere from 10mg to 300mg. These amounts are entirely legal in all 50 states, as long as the Delta-9 derives from hemp and it never exceeds 0.3% on a dry weight basis.

Finding Hemp-derived Delta-9 Products Near You

If you are in a state that has legalized hemp, you likely want to know all the different ways you can find it, and luckily for you, we know all the routes to get you there.

First, you want to make sure you only shop at authorized retailers, such as hemp stores and CBD shops. This will ensure that you have a safe and tested product in your hands, without the worry that comes with buying unknown black-market products.

Shopping for hemp-derived Delta-9 or any other hemp product is as easy as buying anything else, but what makes it even easier is when you are guided by trained professionals who can help you find the best product for you. But we all have busy lives, and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get to the store. If you face this struggle, don’t worry because you can buy hemp-derived Delta-9 online.

Wait, You Can Order Hemp-derived Delta-9 Online?

Que the dancing and throw the confetti in the air, because yes, you can buy all hemp products online! But we will warn you, as soon as you search for hemp-derived Delta-9 online, you will be bombarded with a range of different brands—how do you determine which company is right for you?

There is a whole criterion that you should use when looking for safe and licensed hemp products online, but the most important details to look for is if the items have certificate of analysis (COA)’s and positive customer reviews.

We have and will continue to preach that lab results are a determining factor between whether a product is safe or not. If a company is not transparent about the products' lab reports or doesn’t give you access to them, run away as fast as you can.

Lastly, when a business has a bad reputation with negative customer reviews, this will show you that not only are their products low-quality, but their customers think so too.

Buy Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC Today

Have you ever heard of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC products? If not, let us be the first to tell you that it is everything you could hope for and more.

At Hometown Hero, we wanted to give our customers the total experience while being completely legal. We were inspired by full-spectrum CBD and thought—how can we make this even better?

After hours of research, trial, and error, we created the perfect gummy with 10mg of CBD, 10mg of hemp-derived Delta-9, and other cannabinoids that blend together to offer you the entourage effect.

These gummies became so popular that we took it one step further and created our new line of Cocoa Squares. Inside this chocolate square of bliss holds 300mg of CBD and 300mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 that tastes so delicious, it will blow you away.


The next time you go to the store and see hemp-derived Delta-9 on the shelves, remember that without all the hard work and perseverance from the cannabis community, we would be left empty handed. But more importantly, as the fan base increases, companies from all over the country will continue to produce products that not only fit the needs of a select few, but for all.

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