What to do in ATX on 4/20 in 2023

What to do in ATX on 4/20 in 2023

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Are you ready to light up this year's 420 celebration in Austin? As your local cannabis experts, we’ve got you covered with the best products and insider tips to make your 420 experience truly unforgettable. 

But let's be real, 420 isn't just about the green - it's also about the experience. That's why we're here to share our favorite spots and activities in Austin for the ultimate 420 celebration. Whether you're in the mood to munch on some grub, jam out to some live tunes, or become one with nature, Austin's got you covered like a well-rolled joint.

Meet Up With Us! 

Well, before we get through the rest of the list, we thought it was important that you'd know that your favorite ATX-based makers and purveyors of fine cannabis goods will be making appearances at several events across the city. 

Live Music and Entertainment


With the most music venues per capita than any other city in the U.S., Austin is definitely a great city to spend 420. Plus, ATX also has a great comedy scene as well. Music and laughs? Now that sounds like a solid way to spend this April 20th. 

Mostly Dead

The Grateful Dead has had a major impact on cannabis culture. After all, although they didn’t create the holiday, Grateful Dead fans (Deadheads) popularized the term “420.” So this 420, tip your hat to the most influential jam band of all time by checking out Mostly Dead, a Grateful Dead tribute band at Stubb’s, playing at 10:30 pm. 

Umphrey’s McGee

Just two hours and ten minutes after 4:20 pm (6:30 pm), you can catch Umphrey’s McGee at Stubb’s. In their 22 years together, this jam band has played over 2,500 live shows, and their style that blends rock, funk, jazz, blues, reggae, metal, folk, electronic, and country defies categorization. In other words, they’re great act to see after a joint, gummy, tincture, or…maybe all three. 

Moon Tower Just For Laughs Comedy Festival

It’s no secret that THC can help bring out the giggles in us. So what better way to celebrate 420 than by going to a comedy festival? This year’s festival runs from April 12 - 23, and on 420, you can catch Chelice Lynn, Maria Bamford, Nimesh Patel, and Carlos Ballarta. 


For Nature Lovers


Is there anything more refreshing than spending time out in nature while embracing happy vibes from happy plants? Here are some of our top picks for outdoor spots in and around Austin for 420. 

Barton Creek Greenbelt

It’s not uncommon to get a “whiff” of fresh air while strolling through this go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Austin. But seriously, smoking is forbidden in this area (vape your flower or take some edibles instead). Nonetheless, from hiking to just posting up in a hammock…or even a boulder, the Greenbelt is a solid way to get your recommended dose of nature while celebrating 420. 

The Meadows Center

Glass bottom boat tours are already a bit awe-inspiring. But when you throw a bit of cannabis in the mix…on 420? That’s a whole other level. So if you want to spend some time on the water for this year’s festivities, check out the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment in San Marcos. 

Inner Space Cavern

Located in Georgetown, not too far from Austin, is this wonder of nature that was hidden for over 10,000 years. Its beautiful formations, prehistoric animal bones, and large rooms (along with maybe smoking a joint beforehand) will leave you in awe.

ATX Munchies on 4/20

Cannabis affects everyone a bit differently. However, whether you've got the munchies or not, most of us would agree that food tastes a lot better while you're basking in this happy plant's warm embrace. So here are some considerations when you're looking for a bite to eat on 4/20 in Austin, Texas. 

Breakfast Tacos

Everyone starts 4/20 a bit differently. Some of us spark one up at midnight, sleep it off, and continue through the next day. Others may wait until 4:20 pm to partake. But if you're on team "wake 'n bake," and you're not grabbing breakfast tacos on 4/20 in Austin, then you're doing something wrong. Well, if you're not grabbing breakfast tacos on any given day in Austin, then you're doing something wrong. 

Food Truck Parks

So you're in Austin on 4/20 with your best buds, and you cannot settle on one place to grab munchies. No problem. You'll find several food truck parks in Austin, such as The Thicket and 5000 Burnet. But if you're hiking in the Barton Creek Green Belt toward Zilker and are willing to trek further, The Picnic is an excellent choice. 

Chili's on 45th & Lamar (Top Pick)

Austin, Texas, has a rich, vibrant restaurant scene. Although some may claim that our city's staple foods are BBQ or tacos, the real answer for true, authentic food in Austin, Texas, is the Chili's on 45th and Lamar. Renowned not just in Austin but all around the country (and even internationally), it would be a crime not to include this ATX staple. Within every rack of baby back ribs, frosty marg and southwestern eggroll is the zeitgeist of a city that has left its mark on the American musical and cultural landscape. 

Things To Check Out After 4/20

So maybe you couldn’t get out of any obligations for 4/20. A bit of a bummer, but not the end of the world. Because, after all, any day can be “420” if you have a stash. Here are some top recommendations for post-4/20 events that keep the vibe going. 

Austin Reggae Fest - 4/21 to 4/23

Is there any better genre of music to listen to whilst enjoying cannabis than reggae? We doubt it. From April 21 to April 23, you can catch live music, food trucks, an art market, and more at the Austin Reggae Festival down at Auditorium Shores. Plus, a portion of each ticket sold gets donated to the Central Texas Food Bank.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party - 4/29

Since 1963, this day-long festival has been a tradition of Austin’s hippie subculture. With colorful costumes, large drum circles, live music, drink, and food vending, if you missed out on 420, this event will surely do away with any FOMO you’ve experienced. Plus, all the proceeds generated during the party will be donated to non-profits around Central Texas.

Happy 420!

We hope this guide has given you some great ideas for how to celebrate 420 in Austin. Plus, you should keep an eye out since we may drop by a few events (with some free goodies, of course). 

 As your local cannabis experts, we want to remind you to always consume responsibly and to stay safe during your celebration. If you plan on enjoying cannabis, be sure to designate a driver or use a ride-sharing service like Uber to ensure you get home safely.

And, of course, don't forget to stock up on some Hometown Hero products to make your celebration even more enjoyable! Whether you're chilling at home or out exploring the city, we've got everything you need to have a truly memorable 420. So go ahead and indulge in your edibles, but always remember to enjoy responsibly.

What are your favorite things to do on 420 in Austin? Have any ideas we should add to our post?

Let us know in the comments below. 


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