Everything You Need To Know About VG/PG

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Being a vaper comes with a lot of new words to learn, and two of the most important terms are VG and PG. Don’t worry, Hometown Hero Vapor is here for you!

What Do PG and VG Stand For?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol and VG for Vegetable Glycerin. But just reading some random words doesn't properly explain what we're talking about. Let's dig deeper into both terms.

When vaping started as a trend PG was the king, mainly because of the great throat hit that it provided. Some users believe the throat hit is essential when it comes to vaping. Also, to be honest, Propylene Glycol carries flavor much more effectively than Vegetable Glycerin does - even though PG has no special odor itself.

However, things changed somewhere between 2013 and 2014. The rising popularity of cloud-chasing and big cloud production created a new trend: high measurements of VG in ejuices.

Vegetable Glycerin does not give the big throat-hit experience since it is much thicker than PG. Also, keep in mind that VG is a 100% natural chemical obtained from palm and soy plants – which is great news for all our vegetarian friends. VG is great for folks who prefer a mild vaping experience that nonetheless produces huge plumes of vapor.

The Ratio Explained

When you purchase an ejuice, you will notice some numbers claiming whether it is high in VG or PG. While many producers go for a 50-50 ratio, many companies (like Hometown Hero ) prefer to invest in a high-PG or high-VG ejuice. But what ratio is the right one? The answer depends on what you're looking for.
  • Throat Hit: If throat hit is important to you, going for a high-PG eliquid is highly preferred. However, keep in mind that a bigger hit can mean more soreness in your throat afterward. If that's a dealbreaker, you might want to go for 50% PG - 50% VG or even high-VG ejuices.
  • Cloud-Chasing: For more vapor, there's one keyword you want to keep in mind: Vegetable Glycerin. So if you're into chasing clouds, you'll want to get an ejuice high in VG – at least 70%. For beginners, producing big clouds might sound a bit odd; some first-time vapers say they simply don't see the point of large vape clouds. However, as you get more sophisticated in vaping, bigger clouds can create better satisfaction.  It's hard to explain exactly why, but the feeling of "fuller lungs" is extremely enjoyable after you have been vaping a while.
  • Are You a New Vaper?: Beginners usually go for high PG (remember that throat hit experience we talked about earlier?). However, long-term vapers tend to switch to high-VG. There is a reason for that: when people switch from smoking to vaping they usually look for an experience similar to that of traditional cigarettes, which means tobacco flavors and high-PG. Nevertheless, when we are talking about vaping, we are not talking about a smoking alternative anymore. We're talking about a whole new habit. It's possible that the more experienced you become at vaping, the more you will look for milder ejuice.

What Does The Popular Opinion Say?

Now you know what each option offers. But, as Aristotle once said, the instinct to imitate is one of the main human characteristics. So, what does public opinion have to say about high-PG and high-VG eliquids?

A simple overview shows that high-VG ejuices are gaining more ground in the market. The main reason? Cloud-chasing and sub-ohm vaping (another term we are going to cover soon).

Hometown Hero's Red Dream is the perfect example of eliquid that uses a higher ratio of VG - but not so high you won't be able to effectively use it in a tank.  Every flavor in the Hometown Hero line uses a 70/30 VG/PG ratio for the perfect throat feel and great cloud production.

Check out additional Hometown Hero ejuice options today, or find a nearby vape shop to pick up your favorite.

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