Top-Shelf THCA Flower

Top-Shelf THCA Flower

Our top-shelf THCA flower is now available in limited batches to guarantee freshness. Shop indoor-grown, high THCA flower.
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THCA Flower

Our potent THCA flower is available in a limited batch to guarantee freshness. Be sure to order your stash before it’s gone.

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If you're looking for a unique and potent hemp flower experience, you've come to the right place. Our THCA hemp flower is a premium, limited-batch product that is sure to impress even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs. But before you purchase, you should know why THCA is the best cannabis product to hit the market.

What is THCA?

THCA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw hemp and the precursor to Delta-9 THC. This means THCA converts to THC naturally through the process of decarboxylation. When THCA hemp flower is exposed to heat by lighting or vaporizing it, decarboxylation can occur more quickly.

What is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation essentially entails activating the psychoactive properties of the THC molecule. It's important to note that the conversion of THCA to THC only occurs when the flower is heated, so consuming raw hemp flower will not produce the same effects as smoking or vaporizing it. 

Is THCA Legal?

Yes, THCA flower is legal on a federal level because it's derived from cannabis with a 0.3% or lower concentration of Delta-9 THC by dry weight (hemp). The 2018 Farm Bill separated the two variants of cannabis based on this concentration limit. So although marijuana (also known as weed) is still a regulated substance, hemp products are federally legal.

Federal legality means that THCA flower can be purchased with a card online, and shipping the flower across state lines is legal. 

However, it's best to keep in mind that since the widespread legalization of hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids, several state legislators, under the pressure of various special interests, have banned THCA flower. Be sure to check with your state laws first.

What are the Effects of THCA Flower?

Those who have consumed Delta-9 THC (the primary psychoactive component in both hemp and marijuana) are already familiar with the effects of smoking or vaping THCA flower. However, one should note that the Delta-9 converts into 11-hydroxy-delta-9 through an edible, which has a slower onset but more pronounced effects that last longer. 

When smoking THCA flower, you get pure Delta-9 THC as opposed to the 11-hydroxy-delta-9, meaning the effects will set in sooner but are less pronounced and last longer. 

Such effects can include: 

About Our Top Shelf THCA Flower

Our THCA hemp flower is sourced from local hemp farms and is grown indoors to provide the best environment, ensuring that you get the freshest and most potent product possible. You'll love the unique taste and aroma of this raw hemp flower, which is sure to delight your senses and provide a relaxing and uplifting experience. 

We offer a variety of THCA hemp flower strains, each with its own unique set of characteristics. From fruity and sweet to earthy and spicy, you're sure to find an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain that suits your preferences. Our current selection of THCA strains includes Donnny BurgerMimosa Haze, and Mule Fuel. Of course, you can try all 3 strains at once by purchasing our discounted THCA bundle. All of our THCA flower products are high THCA, with a THCA percentage of 23% or greater to ensure a potent smoking experience.

THCA Flower Delivery

Did you know you can buy THCA flower online? Yes- legally. Not only that, but with our competitive pricing and fast shipping, you can enjoy all the benefits of THCA hemp flower without breaking the bank or waiting long for it to arrive. So shop our collection of THCA flower today while it's freshly harvested.
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