The Ultimate Cannabis Bucket List: 7 Must-Try Experiences for Every Enthusiast

The Ultimate Cannabis Bucket List: 7 Must-Try Experiences for Every Enthusiast

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For all the cannabis lovers out there, here's a question for you: Do you have a cannabis-inspired bucket list? From legendary events to outdoor adventures, there are more than a few once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you may want to add to your THC to-do list. 

Need a little inspiration? Here are a few ideas to help you curate your own epic cannabis wish list.

7. Immerse Yourself in Cannabis Culture, Lore, and History 

Hit up THC NYC's House of Cannabis to "Get Lost in High Culture" across a deeply immersive three-floor experience. With this wildly modern take on the traditional museum, you'll find yourself floating between The Culture, The Grow, and The Ascension exhibits. Don't miss out on The Hypnodrome, “A guided levitation where guests take off on a 10-minute hypnotic journey."

Not in NYC? You've got more than one cannabis museum to explore. On the West Coast, head to the Cannabis Museum in Seattle, Washington, which features evidence of cannabis' past as a pre-prohibition home remedy and apothecary curio. Or, read up on the intersection of cannabis, politics, and race at the Core Social Justice Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

6. Chill Out at a Cannabis Lounge

cannabis bar and shop

It wasn't all that long ago that cannabis was just something enjoyed between friends and in the privacy of our homes. But now, all of us cannabis lovers are in luck. Consumption lounges are popping up across the country thanks to evolving local regulations. 

Laughter and libations await in lounges across California, Nevada, Colorado, and a handful of other states. Sit back with your friends in an ultra-comfortable social space. Consumption lounges are designed for long, lingering sessions and often come with special perks rolled into the entry price.

5. Let Loose at a 4/20 Festival

Man at a 420 festival

For decades, April 20th was a day to protest. But, with the legislative landscape opening up, it's time to celebrate when 4/20 rolls around this year. What better place to party with like-minded people than at one of the many legendary pro-cannabis festivities?

When it comes to 4/20 parties, you have options. Dance around the Mile High 420 Festival in Denver, Colorado. Or get back to basics at the massively popular event held on Hippie Hill in San Francisco, California. And, even if you can't make it to one of these bigger events, with cannabis legalization so widespread, more than likely, you can find a just-as-joyous 4/20 celebration near you this year.

4. Take a Cannabis-Inspired Vacation

cannabis on a world map

A cannabis vacation is the ultimate bucket list item, especially when cannabis culture is cropping up on a global scale. Lean into this plant's increasing international footprint by taking a vacation to celebrate and experience it from a new cultural perspective. 

Bangkok, Amsterdam, and Vancouver are a few of the most famous cannabis destinations, but more tourism hot spots are opening up every year. Just remember to triple-check the regulations before you go to ensure you are on the right side of local laws.

3. Play a Cannabis Board Game

roll the dice

Gather your closet cannabis-loving friends for a night of elevated board game action. First, set the mood with a smorgasbord of munchable snacks and a selection of your favorite tasty edibles. We suggest our Delta-9 Live Rosin Absolute Gummies and Fruity Cereal Bites as go-to crowd-pleasers.

Then, get out the games. Whether you get lost in old-school favorites like Jenga and Moose Trap or tackle more inspired options like Weedopoly and Ganjaland, we’re willing to bet the evening quickly unravels into chaotic good fun.

2. Laugh it up at a Comedy Night

stand up comic

The beauty of a THC-infused comedy night is that, no matter the caliber of the comic on stage, you will have a good night out. After all, cannabis has the giggles baked into the experience

Get your crew together, serve up an edible, and then hit the comedy club for an evening of laughs. Whether you groan or giggle, it will be a night you'll not forget. 

1. Take a Blissed-Out Hike

man admiring nature

If you haven't yet experienced the glorious combination of an edible and nature, please mark this as a cannabis bucket list priority. It can be a big outdoor adventure or a slow walk through a quiet corner of a city park, but with a serving of THC, you'll find a deeper connection to your surroundings

Pack a water bottle and a few snacks, then head to the trailhead. Before your adventure, down your favorite infused treat and prepare for a powerfully blissful adventure with Mother Nature.

What’s on Your Cannabis Bucket List?

If it's not clear by now, cannabis is a multifaceted plant, with every new angle worth exploring. We probably all need to build a cannabis bucket list to make sure we don't miss out on any experience this plant has to offer us.

What is on your THC wish list? Whether it's an epic 4/20 festival, an adventure through the woods, or a comedy night out, there is no time like the present to get started.

Until next time, happy adventuring, and mind your mind.

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