Tinctures vs. Edibles: Which One is Best For You?

Tinctures vs. Edibles: Which One is Best For You?

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There are several ways to consume hemp-derived cannabinoids, which has given customers the freedom to choose the product that fits their lifestyle. If you are new to hemp, you may have heard of smoking or vaping, but what about tinctures and edibles?

Tinctures and edibles provide consumers with an easy experience without the smoke and smell that other methods leave behind. Although tinctures and edibles are relatively similar, they offer their own advantages. In this article, we will discuss tinctures vs. edibles and choosing the best method for you.

Which Method is the Best: Tincture vs. Edible

Although tinctures and edibles are consumed by mouth, tinctures have one distinct difference—they only come in liquid form. And edibles come in the forms of baked goods, other foods, and soft gel capsules. Let’s do a quick breakdown of these methods.


Tinctures are liquid hemp extracts mixed with a carrier oil. Depending on where you purchase your tinctures, you can find them with varying cannabinoid compositions, such as full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD and Delta-8 THC.

delta 8 tincture and edibles

You can find this liquid in a small glass bottle with a dropper cap used for application. This method can be used sublingually or by adding it to your favorite food or drink. Many people use tinctures for their faster-acting results and precise measurement. Some other benefits include:

  • Concentration 

  • Convenient and easy to carry

  • Longer shelf life

Although there are many benefits, there are some drawbacks. Tinctures can cause dry mouth, so make sure you have water close by. In addition to this, some tinctures have been known to have an unpleasant taste. If you are in this position, we recommend adding your tincture to a drink to mask the flavor but don’t forget—it may take longer for effects to kick in. 


Traditional edibles come in many forms, but gummies, baked goods, and candies are the most popular. Many people find edibles to be a consistent and discreet method to consume hemp-derived cannabinoids. Taking Delta 8 edibles is almost foolproof, as most edibles are well-proportioned in their cannabinoid content.

delta 8 edibles

After consuming edibles, it can take up to 90 minutes before you begin to feel its effects. You can expect them to last anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on your tolerance and the amount you took. Keep in mind that cannabinoids affect everyone a bit differently. Other benefits of edibles include:

  • Easy use

  • Longer-lasting results

  • Convenient and discreet

If you are new to using hemp or edibles, it is best to start small and remain patient. Consuming more than your normal tolerance can handle may lead to undesirable effects.

Are Edibles Stronger Than Tinctures?

It is hard to say if edibles are stronger than tinctures because of the many factors at play. Some people have reported one feeling more than the other, but this is based on individual experiences, and yours may not be the same.

When you use tinctures sublingually, you can expect results in as little as 15 minutes, with gradually building effects. The total length of your experience can last anywhere from two to three hours from consumption.

However, because edibles have to be broken down and processed, it can take hours before you begin to feel the effects. Although it takes longer for the THC to metabolize with this method, it has been reported for effects to feel more powerful and long-lasting. 

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Tinctures and Edibles?

Are you looking to buy high-quality hemp products? Well, the search is over because we have exactly what you’re looking for.

At Hometown Hero, we offer a wide range of hemp products that contain naturally-derived cannabinoids from American-grown hemp. Our Delta 8 tinctures are made with coconut MCT oil and flavoring with no unnecessary additives or chemicals. Rest assured, each drop you take is made with quality and purity.

If tinctures aren’t your thing, don’t worry because we have the top-rated edibles in the hemp industry today. Whether you are looking for Delta 8 gummies, Delta 8 capsules, or baked goods, we have it.

Delta 8 THC is legal in most states, and if it's legal in yours, we can ship our products right to your door. But that’s not the best part. Every purchase you make with Hometown Hero, a portion of our profits will be donated to veteran charities. Become a customer today, and see what real quality looks like.

Final Thoughts

All hemp products have their advantages, but it is essential to research which method is best for you. By looking at reviews and hearing other people’s experiences, you will find the product that will fit your lifestyle. But don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different methods. Just remember to start small and be safe.

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