Cannabis Tincture Guide For Beginners

Cannabis Tincture Guide For Beginners

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​​Cannabis Tincture Guide For Beginners

When it comes to cannabis, there are many products to discover.

And if you’re a novice enthusiast trying to make your way, you’ll need someone to guide you.

And who is better than us?

Get ready because it’s time to begin. 

What is a Cannabis Tincture?

Cannabis-infused tinctures are cannabis extracts mixed with a carrier oil (MCT or Hemp oil).

This liquid typically comes in a small glass bottle with a dropper cap.

The dropper cap is one of the highlights of this product due to its ability to administrate precise measurement.

Depending on the manufacturer and state laws, tinctures have varying cannabinoid compositions.

This list will include:

Full-spectrum CBD: This mixture carries variety of different cannabinoids of a hemp plant. But what makes this mixture as popular as it is stems from this compound—THC. Compared to other tinctures, this will have up to 0.3% of THC by dry weight.

Broad-spectrum CBD: Similar to full-spectrum, there will be a variety of compounds and minor cannabinoids. However, there isn’t any THC. The audience that leans towards this product are enthusiasts that want to experience the power of hemp but without the effects that THC can bring.

Delta-8 THC: Delta 8 tinctures are made with Delta 8 distillate and carrier oil. And while the cannabinoid profile varies, this mixture will primarily contain Delta 8 with perhaps a low volume of other cannabinoids. In terms of legality, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum are legal in all 50 states. Whereas, Delta-8 is legal in most.

So before you race to buy a tincture, verify your current local laws.

How are Cannabis Tinctures Made?

Tinctures are made with specific ratios of water, carrier oil, oil, and extracted plant material.

These ratios will be different according to the extracts used, flavor, and the overall goal of the tincture.

Manufacturers will use equipment suited for precise measurement to ensure a consistent product each time.

There are methods of making homemade tinctures, but with all the time and money that goes into it—it may be best to stick with store-bought.

Compared to other products, the liquid mixture combination works to preserve the product while maintaining effectiveness far longer than others.

It is essential to shake the bottle before use because the liquids will separate.

What’s the Difference: CBD vs. THC Tinctures

The primary difference between CBD and THC tinctures is that one has THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and the other does not.

CBD tinctures will have varying minor cannabinoids without THC and vice versa.

But let’s look at what makes these two cannabinoids different from one another?

The Chemical Difference

Despite what people think, THC and CBD share the exact chemical formula.

These compounds are made up of 21 carbon atoms, 20 hydrogen atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms.

However, their atoms are arranged in a different order. Because of this, the chemical properties interact with the human body uniquely.

This results in THC carrying active effects,  while CBD produces passive effects.

CBD Effects vs. THC Effects

Since these cannabinoids are arrayed differently, they carry some opposite effects.

Based on some feedback, cannabis enthusiasts have reported CBD producing calm and relaxing effects, free of highly noticeable effects.

In contrast, THC has been known to invoke feelings of euphoria, a sense of well-being, and uplift.

Remember, each body is different from the next, and with other variables to consider, there are no guarantees that your experience will reflect the experiences of others above.

With this in mind, one can grasp why each cannabinoid has its own group of fans.

Cannabis Tincture Benefits

There are many reasons why customers lean towards tinctures over other forms of consumption, yet the main reason is their experience.

With other methods, like flower or concentrates, there is scent and the need to have tools.

On the other hand, tinctures can be with you anywhere.

No scent. No tools. It’s that easy.

But that’s not the best part.

With other products, inhaling smoke or vapor is a necessity in consumption. But not with tinctures.

You can put a drop or two sublingually or in a drink or food.

Here are a few of our favorite drink recipes that use tinctures.

Of course, you can also add tinctures to your favorite foods. The opportunities are truly endless.

And so is the convenience.

Due to the liquid being in a small bottle, you can put it in your pocket, a purse, or basically anywhere.

Finding High-Quality Tinctures

At this point, you’re probably sold on tinctures.

And do we blame you? They offer everything.

But now you’re going to need help finding the best tinctures.

When you’re looking for high-quality tinctures, it’s important to look at the following:

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Ingredients
  • Where it’s made
  • Customer reviews

Having a verified COA is the first thing to look at before buying any hemp product.

This document will ensure the product has been lab-tested for Farm Bill compliance, and is free of heavy metals or other harmful contaminants.

With a COA, you're given confidence you know exactly what you’re consuming.

Another indicator, where it’s made. The United States is not the only country that produces hemp.

In fact, many countries do.

But when you buy an American product, you have greater assurance that it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill.

You’re also supporting American manufacturing and farming. So it’s a win-win. 

And last, but certainly not least—customer reviews.

Customer reviews give you instant insight into a product before spending a single penny.

By reading reviews, you can determine if the product will be right for you.

Hometown Hero Tinctures

Do you want a brand that meets these expectations and more?

Well, look no further.

At Hometown Hero, quality is never a question.

Our products are lab-tested at a DEA-certified lab with a COA to go right along with it.

And each item in stock is made with American-grown hemp.

And, of course, our products are manufactured right here in Texas.

Now, what kind of tinctures do we have?

Delta-8 and our CBDA + CBDG Tinctures.

Our Delta-8 Tinctures are made with MCT oil and varying concentrations.

With the choice between 600mg or 1200mg and three flavors to choose from:

And next, our CBDA + CBDG tinctures.

Made with CBDA, CBGA, CBD, and CBG with a total of 600mg each in a bottle, relief won’t seem far. 


When it comes to hemp products, everyone has their preferences. But what we’ve noticed is that when a tincture is made right, the audience is far larger than other products. And with our guide, you’ll be able to find items that meet your needs. Plus, if you’re looking for high-quality tincture, you know exactly where to find it.

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