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How To Smoke A Pre-Rolled Joint in 3 Steps

How To Smoke A Pre-Rolled Joint in 3 Steps

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Properly smoking a joint may sound simple enough, but some consumers either inhale too much or not enough. Or, they don't light up with the right technique. Or they use low-quality flower buds and don't feel anything.

While these mistakes are primarily made by those with little to no experience with cannabis, even seasoned enthusiasts can benefit from these tips to gain the most out of your product. So instead of wasting flower because you smoked it incorrectly, let us guide you with some easy techniques to create the ideal smoking experience.

In this article, we will cover the importance of planning ahead, picking quality flower, and of course, how to smoke a joint.

Preparing for Your Session

Unless you are the planning type, it may seem obsessive to schedule your session with cannabis, but trust us- this is not something you want to skip.

If you don’t smoke or consume cannabis regularly and decide to jump in without any thought, it could potentially sabotage your entire experience. While many factors affect how you feel after inhaling THC, being in the right environment, picking the right flower, and bringing along some fun activities and treats may encourage the effects you hope to feel.

Flower Quality Matters

The quality of the flower will determine the aroma, taste, and effectiveness of the plant, which means if you want to gain the most from your experience, buy your pre-rolls and flower from licensed hemp stores or manufacturers online.

Buying cannabis online may sound new to you, but with the legalization of hemp via the 2018 Farm Bill, there's really no better or more convenient way to shop. Our online store, for example, can be accessed 24 hours a day to accommodate your busy schedule. So you can browse our premium collection of potent THCA flower buds and tools like our Stainless Steel Herb Grinder at your leisure. Simply choose a hemp strain or flower product that suits your preferences and place your order. From there, we box it up and deliver it right to your door with free, priority shipping on every order.

Plan Your Session Out

If it's your first time with cannabis, pay close attention to this section. Before sitting down to smoke your flower, make sure you complete your daily tasks or any other chores. THC tends to have relaxing effects, so the last thing you want when mellowing out is to be preoccupied with work obligations.

Smoking cannabis is truly a treat, a time for minding your mind and hitting pause on everything else. So, with that being said- it’s time to put yourself in the right setting. While everyone’s preferred environment is different, we recommend staying at home with a small group of trusted, 420-friendly friends. We can’t guarantee that they won’t mess with you a little, especially if this is your first time, but when you surround yourself with the right people, it helps encourage a night full of giggles and other fun.

Also, make sure you have some good food and snacks ready. You never know when the munchies could hit and honestly, the heightened pleasure you get from food is one of the coolest and most unexpected effects of THC.

How to Smoke a Joint

Whenever you’re ready to smoke your pre-roll, it’s time to grab your lighter and begin! 

Don't have a pre-roll? Check out our guide on how to roll a joint.

1. Lighting Up

lighting up at the tip

With the joint in your hands, you will take the lighter and apply it at the tip of the joint. Your instinct may be to inhale while applying flame, but you cannot do this to pre-rolls because it will prevent you from controlling the speed of the burn and can cause your joint to canoe.

When a pre-roll starts canoeing, only one side of the joint burns, while the other remains untouched. To prevent this from happening, you need to light the end of the joint while rotating it.

2. Inhaling

Once your joint is burning, it’s time to smoke. If you have smoked joints before, you likely know the ideal amount to inhale. However, for those that don’t partake in hemp often, we highly recommend taking a few small puffs.

3. Smoking

Unless smoking cannabis is a part of your daily routine, you should only need to use a small portion of the pre-roll. Consuming anymore may put you on a journey you weren’t expecting to take.

Lastly, let’s discuss a common question—how long does it take to smoke a joint? This will depend on how much you normally consume and if you’re sharing it with other people. Typically, a quick joint session should only last a few minutes, but if you have a group of friends passing it around, prepare for it to be gone faster.

When first-time hemp customers inhale the smoke from the joint, they tend to leave it in their mouth without letting it fill their lungs, resulting in little to no effects. Rather than doing this, you need to inhale the smoke deeply into your lungs and hold it there for a few seconds before releasing it back into the air.

If you are prone to coughing attacks when using hemp, it can feel embarrassing. The good news is this is avoidable too. The next time the joint is passed to you, start with little puffs and allow your lungs to rest. By doing this over time, your inhalation tolerance will improve.


Completely knowing how to smoke a pre-rolled joint is critical, so you can obtain all of the precious cannabinoids and terpenes.

But beyond the effects, inhaling the smoke correctly happens to be the secret behind conserving your flower. While each person has their own perspective on smoking a joint, no one can deny that inhaling slowly and deeply is the ultimate rule of thumb.

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