How To Grind Cannabis Flower?

How To Grind Cannabis Flower?

How To Grind Cannabis Flower

Learning how to use a herb grinder (or what some call a “weed grinder”) is essential for all enthusiasts. But what is an herb grinder?

An herb grinder is a tool to break down hemp flower such as Delta-8 flower into small and consistent pieces, so they can light evenly.

Without one, you’d be left using your fingers, making a…sticky mess. However, that’s not the worst part. If the hemp flower isn’t grounded enough, it could clog and restrict the airflow of the smoking device.

As you can imagine, learning how to use an herb grinder correctly is a must. So luckily for you, we are here to teach you how to use it and what to do when one is out of reach.

We’ll cover:

Let’s get started!

Different Kinds Of Herb Grinders

You can find grinders at local hemp stores, smoke shops, or online. So if you have the time, make a trip to your local vendor to find out which kinds they carry.

But before starting your venture, it’s important to pick the best one for you.

Grinders will come in a circular shape, with various sizes. Depending on its diameter, it may have the durability to break down a lot of flower, while others can only handle a few.

There are advantages to the sizes, as smaller ones are more portable, and larger ones can handle more hemp flower.

Herb grinders will be made from three materials:

  • Metal (Expensive and long-lasting)
  • Plastic (Cheap and low durability)
  • Wood (Aesthetically pleasing but difficult to clean)

Each grinder will have different parts.

Some will have two, three, four, or five pieces. But the most common type is a four-piece.

This includes:

  • Lid
  • Grinder bottom
  • Storage catcher
  • Kief catcher

The title of each piece is pretty self-explanatory. However, using it without some assistance may seem difficult. Rest assured, we’re here to break it down (pun intended).

Method One: Herb Grinder

If you’re on the fence about investing in this tool, by the time you read our steps, you might consider buying multiple. They are easy to use and result in a smoother experience. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Load The Herb Grinder

If it’s an average-sized grinder, place one or two buds on the teeth of the grinder. Evenly distribute the hemp, and separate it into pieces if it’s too large. 

Avoid placing your product near the center of the grinder (this is where the magnet pivots), and make sure to remove any seeds or stems.

Step 2: Grind It

Close the lid so that the magnetic center clicks into place. Give your herb grinder a few twists until all the hemp has been ground and fallen through the holes.

There may be some resistance initially, but as the process continues, it will twist smoothly. So when it starts to rotate easier, that’s a sign that it may be done.

grind cannabis flower

Step 3: The Final Product

Access the third compartment by holding the grinder's base and unscrew the top two sections of the tool. From there, you’ll have access to the storage chamber with your ground-up hemp flower.

If this is your first time using the grinder, there will be no use checking the bottom compartment (kief catcher) because there won’t be enough product.

However, by continuing to use this tool, you’ll begin to collect kief over time until there’s enough to sprinkle into your joint or water pipe.

Method Two: A Pill Bottle And Coin

Everyone has an old pill bottle, so head to your medicine cabinet and see if you have any that never made it to the trash. Once you locate it, head over to your wallet and find a coin. 

Step 1: Find an Empty Pill Bottle And Fill It

Upon finding an old pill bottle, wash it with soap and water, then dry it. Fill the container with hemp flower until it’s over 1/2 way full. Drop in the coin, and twist the cap back on the container.

Step 2: Shake And Repeat

Shake the bottle vigorously for a minute or until the coin has grounded the hemp flower into small pieces.

After shaking it, open the container and check if the product is small enough. If it isn’t, twist the lid back on and continue shaking it for another minute or so. Continue this process until the pieces are consistently grounded.

Depending on the size of the hemp flower, it may take a longer or shorter duration. Either way, this method is easy and great for those who don’t have a herb grinder.

Method Three: A Coffee Grinder

Some may consider this another route of grinding hemp flower, but we can confidently state that it’s the ultimate cannabis hack.

A coffee bean grinder specifically for cannabis is for those who take their hemp game very seriously. And if you’re an avid enthusiast, this is an investment worth every penny.

Leave it on the counter and fill it with hemp flower so it’s always ready to go. Or only take it out when on occasion. Either way, this is the grinder of your dreams.

Step 1: Buy A Coffee Grinder And Fill It With Hemp Flower 

You can buy any type of coffee grinder, and it will work perfectly to grind your hemp flower. So once you purchase the machine, set it up and add your product to the fill line.

Pack it loosely, so there’s room for the coffee grinder to work efficiently.

Step 2: The 5 Second Rule

When you’re using the machine, it should only be on for five seconds at a time.

Don’t put your coffee grinder on a setting, instead, manually press it “on” for that duration, and press “off” when the time is up.

Step 3: Check And Repeat

If the coffee grinder isn’t as powerful, it may need to go through again. If that’s the case, continue this process until the pieces are small enough.

But remember, you don’t want to grind it too finely. If you do, it could affect how it lights and gets through the airway, which is…yuck.

Conclusion: Which Method Is The Best?

When it comes to claiming which method is the best, the answer will depend on the individual.

Some don’t enjoy using herb grinders because of cleaning maintenance, which is why using other methods can seem easier. But when it comes to consistently grounded hemp flower, a grinder tool will be ideal.

Without one, you’ll still be able to use other methods, but you’ll have to work harder to ensure it is the correct size and texture for your smoking equipment. And just make sure you don’t use an herbal grinder to break up Delta-8 Moonrocks (you should break those up by hand). 

Aside from that, we hope you learned a thing or two about learning how to use a herb grinder while also gaining knowledge on different DIY options for when you don’t have one.

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