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How to Unclog Your Disposable Vape

How to Unclog Your Disposable Vape

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We all love disposables. They're portable, discreet, and easier on the lungs than smoking. Plus, they offer a faster onset of effects compared to edibles. Whether you keep one by your nightstand or you like to take them out for advantage, there's one problem we can all relate to—clogging. 

If clogging is putting a damper on your sessions, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll share four ways to unclog your disposables, plus pro tips to keep this from happening. 

Let's begin. 

Why Do Disposables Get Clogged Up?

Since their inception, clogging has always been a thorn in the side of cannabis enthusiasts enjoying disposable vaporizers. And to better understand the best ways to unclog your vape, it's important to know why this is happening. Here are some of the possible reasons: 

Build-Up of Residue 

Enjoying your vaporizer can cause residue from the distillate to build up around the mouthpiece of your disposable, which can restrict air flow, thus causing clogging. 

Temperature Fluctuation

You never want to leave your disposable resting somewhere too hot or cold. Being left out in cold temperatures is especially bad for your disposable since it causes the distillate to thicken and solidify, causing your disposable to clog. 

Horizontal Storage

Disposables should always be left standing up, not lying on their side. When left horizontal, the distillate will slowly reach the mouthpiece and clog up your disposable. 

Low Battery

A disposable with a low battery will not heat the distillate properly and lead you to deal with a clog. 

How to Prevent Your Vape From Clogging

Young handsome man smoke with vape in urban location

Now that you know why your disposable can get clogged up, it's time to go over ways to prevent this from ever happening. Here are some ways you can avoid all the hassle in the first place: 

Keep the Cap

Most disposables come packaged with a rubber cap covering the mouthpiece. Though it is natural to toss it out and start vaping, you should keep this cap and place it on the disposable when you're not enjoying it to keep dust or pocket lint from getting into the mouthpiece. 

Temperature Control

Never leave your disposables outside or anywhere where the temperature can fluctuate greatly. Simply put, just leave your disposables in your home. 

Vertical Storage

Setting down your disposable "standing up" will prevent distillate from slowly reaching the mouthpiece. The corner of a box or drawer should suffice if your disposable is long and narrow. 

Frequent Charging

How often you recharge your disposable will depend on how you enjoy it. Some disposables should not recharged, but if the option is there, make it a habit between your sessions. 

How to Unclog Your Disposable

You could follow all the steps above and still deal with clogs. That's life. If you are dealing with a clogged disposable, here are some crafty ways you can get it back and running: 

Use the Preheat Function

If your disposable is clogged and it has a preheat function, activate it. A preheat function warms the distillate at a lower temperature to "loosen it up," which can be enough to unclog your disposable. 

You can activate the preheat function for our latest disposables by pressing the power button twice after turning the device on. 

Take Strong Pulls

Another easy way to clear your unclogged disposable is to take extra hard pulls. Like, imagine you're trying to suck a tiny seed through a straw. Just make sure you take a deep breath and give yourself breaks. Once unlogged, we only recommend taking gentle pulls on your disposable. 

Clear The Mouthpiece

Disposables often get clogged because of a build-up of residue around the mouthpiece. You can clear up this residue by inserting a toothpick or a bent paper clip into the mouthpiece and gently (without too much force) scraping away at the interior of the mouthpiece. 

Warm Up The Disposable

For reasons unknown, you may have forgotten to bring your disposable inside from that fun night looking up at the stars with other cannabis enthusiasts. If you've got patience, just bring it indoors and let time do its thing. 

But if you can't wait, you can use the water bowl technique, which is the following:
  • Place your disposable in a sealable plastic bag
  • Remove the air from the bag by pressing it out or sucking it out
  • Seal the bag and place it in a bowl of warm (not hot) water with the bag's opening sticking out of the water, secured to the side of the bowl with a binder clip or similar device

Call (512) 551-0345

Now, if we could help every single cannabis enthusiast with a clogged disposable, we would. But if you're ever having difficulties with our Live Resin Disposable Vapes with THC-A Liquid Diamonds or Blue Lotus Disposable Vapes with THC, you can always contact our Customer Support Team at the number above or fill out this form

At Hometown Hero, our Customer Support Team has plenty of hands-on experience with our products, whether they're vapes, edibles, tinctures, or beyond. If you need help with any of our products, we'd be more than glad to assist you.

Final Thoughts

5g Hometown Hero live resin disposable vape held in hands

We covered a lot in this blog, but congratulations on becoming an expert on clogged vapes and how to unclog them. Perhaps you'll be the hero of your next session and break out these tips. And again, if you are ever having difficulties with anything you get from Hometown Hero, we have real people, actual cannabis enthusiasts, who are here to help. 

Until next time, happy exploring, and Mind Your Mind.

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