How Much THC Is In A Joint?

How Much THC Is In A Joint?

How Much THC Is In A Joint?

If you’re an enthusiast looking for a joint that fits your needs, you’re likely going to look at the strain and active amount of THC.

Typically, this will be found on the product.

But how do you determine how much THC is in a pre-roll? 

Below, we will cover that and more:

Let’s dive in.

How Much THC Is In A Typical Joint?

The typical joint may contain between 40 to 200mg of THC, but sometimes they go higher.  

Pre-rolls tend to be popular because there isn’t a need to do the math, since the professionals do it for you.

But if you like to roll your own joints, we’re here to teach you how to calculate the THC in each one.

How to Calculate the Amount of THC In A Joint?

Suppose you just picked up some Delta-8 flower and want to roll a joint.

However, you’re wondering how to determine a rough estimate of THC for each one.

Before we begin, let’s gather some tools:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Calculator
  • Kitchen scale

Once you have everything, let’s get started.

To calculate the total amount of THC in a joint, start by weighing the rolling paper and filter together. Then zero it out. 

Following this, roll your joint. After that is finished, set it on the scale and weigh it in milligrams.

Learn More >>> How To Roll A Flower Joint

Next, find the hemp flower’s certificate of analysis to find the percentage of THC in the product.

With the weight of the joint and the percentage of THC, it’s time to do some math.

Formula—(Weight of joint (milligrams) x THC percentage = total milligrams of THC in joint)

Example: 750mg x 0.19 = 142.5mg of THC.

Factors that Affect the Total Amount of THC Absorbed

The above formula will give a rough estimate of the THC in your joints. But remember, it’s not exact. And

Some additional variables that can affect the amount of THC that you consume will include: 

  • Smoke wasted from harsh wind
  • Smoking technique
  • Bioavailability (refers to the number of compounds that the body will absorb).

The first two factors are relatively straightforward.

But what is bioavailability?

Let’s break it down.

When you take vitamins, prescription medication, food, and drinks, only a certain amount of the compounds will be absorbed into the body.

The remaining amount will lack absorption in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and make its way with other waste products.

The same process applies to smoking cannabis.

Only a portion of the THC will be absorbed in the body, and because each body is different from the next, there is no way of knowing how much each individual will absorb.

According to an article in the Journal of Chemistry & Biodiversity, test subjects that smoked cannabis had a bioavailability ranging from 2% to 56%.

This data suggests that the total amount of THC consumed is far lower than one would assume. 

So even if a joint has 155mg of THC, you likely won’t be consuming that amount. 

Ways to Influence The Amount of THC Consumed

Although bioavailability is a huge part of the conversation, there are techniques to gain the most THC each session. 

Below, you’ll find some useful tips and other factors to consider before your next session.

The Size of the Joint

The size of the joint will influence how much THC you consume. A smaller joint will have less THC. In contrast, the bigger the joint, the more difficult it is to avoid air resistance. 

So if you can, try smoking inside. This will put you in a controlled environment that will also combat the devastation of canoeing.

Percentage of THC

When you’re picking out hemp flower or joints, take a look at the percentage of THC and the strain. 

By looking at both, you’ll be able to determine which flower is best for you. 

If you want a mellow experience, try cannabis with a lower concentration of THC, and vice versus if you’re looking for an elevated experience.

Puff Technique

How you smoke will affect the amount of THC consumed. And if your technique isn’t efficient, you’ll be losing out on many cannabinoids. 

The next time you light up, remember to wait for the joint to light and then inhale. Take deep inhales and wait for effects.

Final Thoughts

For the best experience, it’s important to know the amount of THC in your products, especially joints. Whether you roll your own or buy pre-rolls, knowing an estimated amount of THC will help determine how much you need. And by applying our techniques to our next session, you will get the most out of your joint.

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