Don't Buy "Hemp-derived Delta-9 Carts" Until You Read This

Don't Buy "Hemp-derived Delta-9 Carts" Until You Read This

Across the internet, you will find sites claiming to sell "hemp-derived Delta-9 carts." But are Farm Bill-compliant Delta-9 vape carts a real thing, or could they put you in legal jeopardy? This page will cover this subject from top to bottom by going over the following:

What Is Delta-9?

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid (a compound found in cannabis plants) consisting of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. It is one of the most active compounds found in the plant, which binds to endocannabinoid receptors in the nervous system, which can help people feel:

  • Balanced
  • Focused
  • Creative
  • Mellow
  • Relaxed

In the world of cannabis, the terms "Delta-9" and "THC" are interchangeable. Delta-9 is the most well-known form of this active cannabinoid. It's found in greater concentrations in marijuana but can also be found in hemp-derived products such as our Live Rosin Indica and Live Rosin Sativa.

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What Is a Cart?

"Cart" is short for cartridge. It's a cannabis vape product that can come in hemp and marijuana varieties, depending on state law. Generally, they're tubes with mouthpieces attached to a battery that heats cannabinoids to their boiling point, allowing the enthusiast to inhale these compounds.

Within a cart is a distillate, or simply a cannabis extract that has undergone a process of separation with selective boiling and condensation to the point where you get the pure cannabinoid in this liquid, gooey form. Some carts also use oils derived from hemp or marijuana through CO2 extraction. 

Distillate is the basis of many hemp-derived products. Everything from our Live Rosin Caramel Taffies to Strawberry HHC Gummies uses distillate. Distillate on its own has a very bitter/unpleasant taste. So that's why we use an infusion method to ensure it's well-mixed into the product to help ensure a better-tasting product. 

Besides distillate (one of the purest cannabinoid concentrates), carts may contain some carrier liquids to make them easier to vaporize, flavoring agents, terpenes, or even other cannabis concentrates such as live resin to give it a more piney/natural flavor. 

However, the key takeaway here is that the contents of a cart will consist of a highly pure form of cannabinoid. 

Hemp vs. Marijuana

So we've established that Delta-9 is just another term for "THC," and carts are generally tubes filled with mostly pure cannabinoid extracts. Now, we will break down the differences between hemp and marijuana. 

The words "hemp" and "marijuana" can mean many things to many people, from plants used to make textiles to a term used in a negative context to push the agenda of cannabis prohibition. 

However, these terms are also used in federal and state laws to differentiate between Cannabis sativa with a 0.3% or lower concentration of Delta-9 THC by dry weight (hemp) and cannabis with any concentration higher than this (marijuana). 

This differentiation is not one rooted in science but one established by lawmakers. But the key takeaway is that hemp and marijuana contain Delta-9 THC, and their only difference is a dry weight concentration. 

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Dry Weight Concentration

Before we reveal the verdict about "hemp-derived Delta-9 THC cartridges," we must cover "dry weight concentration." When discussing plants and other agricultural products, "dry weight" means the weight recorded after a processor removes water from the mass. 

Dry weight concentration isn't a set quantity but a proportion of the product's dry weight. Because of this, you can get a product such as Delta-9 Rainbow Square, which contains 300mg of Delta-9 THC but falls into the hemp category because we derived the cannabinoids from hemp, and the THC does not consist of more than 0.3% of the product's dry weight (thus making it federally legal).

In America, it might be a bit hard to picture the weight of 300mg because we use the imperial system. But according to the U.S. Currency Education Program, a U.S. one-dollar bill weighs approximately 1 gram

One thousand milligrams equals one gram, and our Select Spectrum Cocoa Squares and similar products contain just 300 milligrams of Detla-9, which isn't even half the weight of a one-dollar bill. So compare that to the total weight of the edible, and it's pretty easy to see how it would exceed no more than 0.3% of its dry weight (but we have our products tested by a DEA-certified lab to verify this). 

Can You Buy Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC Vape Carts?

No, and here are the reasons why. 

The concentration of Delta-9 THC by dry weight determines whether a cannabis product is hemp or marijuana.

A Delta-9 THC vape cartridge would contain distillate or oil, which would have a nearly 100% concentration of Detla-9 THC.

And as of this writing, under federal law, a compliant hemp product can contain no more than 0.3% Detla-9 THC by dry weight.

So if you see something online labeled as a "hemp-derived Delta-9 THC vape cart," it's bogus or breaking the law.

Now, that's not to say that Delta-9 THC vapes do not exist. You can get such products if marijuana is legal for medical or recreational purposes in your state. 

But for the time being, such a hemp product is not a real thing.

Reliable Hemp Alternatives

With the widespread legalization of hemp, more adults 21 and over have access to the remarkable properties of cannabis species than ever before. Plus, we must remember all jobs and local businesses that this young, budding industry has created and supported.

Nonetheless, with any gold rush (or "green rush," to be more accurate), there will be many trying to get their "piece of the pie." There are many reputable brands out there that put in the time and effort to ensure transparency and safety for their customers.

That's why we have our products third-party tested by a DEA-certified laboratory, with full-panel results readily available so that you can rest assured that you're getting your dollar's worth with cannabinoid content and that what you're consuming is contaminant-free. 

However, with any significant "boom," there will be fly-by-night operations in the game to make a quick buck before jumping on the next big thing. So if you see a vendor claiming to sell "hemp-derived Delta-9 carts," it's a major red flag. 

No matter where you shop online, ensure that the vendor you're purchasing from has full-panel results that show content and safety. If you find a product labeled as a "hemp Delta-9 cart," it will probably not have a COA or the COA will reveal something other than what is advertised. And if you want to try hemp-derived Delta-9 for yourself, we have a wide array of THC products and complimentary samples for first-time customers.

If you're curious to learn more about hemp plants, Delta-9, or anything cannabis or hemp related, feel free to check out the articles below:

And if you have any questions about Delta-9's legality, hemp, or just anything cannabis, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Until next time.

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