Can You Get a Hangover After Taking Delta-8?

Can You Get a Hangover After Taking Delta-8?

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Can You Get A Hangover From Delta 8

Listen, we have all experienced the consequences of drinking one too many adult beverages.

It feels like a rite of passage to enter adulthood.

And from what we hear, the older you are, the worse the hangovers get.

But we aren’t here to talk about an alcohol-induced hangover.

We’re talking about a Delta-8 “hangover.”

While it isn’t clear whether or not this commonly occurs, what we do know is that THC affects everyone differently.

If you have felt like a long night with Delta-8 left you feeling tired, below we have our tips to combat this from occurring.

What is a Delta-8 “Hangover?” 

Before you run for the hills, the term “hangover” isn’t accurate when applied to Delta-8.

can delta 8 cause a hangover

With an alcohol hangover, there is the possibility of becoming dehydrated, nauseous, severe headaches, etc. 

However, after a night of enjoying Delta-8, most enthusiasts would describe feeling slightly groggy the following morning.

What Causes a Delta-8 “Hangover?”

As we all know, cannabinoids affect each person uniquely.

Some individuals share similar experiences, while others have different effects.

But what does a Delta-8 hangover have to do with effects?

To put it simply, having a hemp-related hangover is due to feeling effects a few hours after consumption.

This could be from overconsumption or other physiological factors, such as:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Metabolism
  • Experience
  • Amount food consumed

The list of variables to consider is endless, with the result meaning there isn’t an exact science to determine whether someone will feel effects longer than the other person.

In general, it isn’t uncommon to witness novice enthusiasts underestimate the power of hemp. Individuals that consume more than their body is used to will have the possibility of experiencing effects longer than expected.

What Happens If I Take Too Much Delta-8 THC?

Taking too much Delta-8 (especially if you’re new) does happen from time to time. It’s worthy to note that there is little indication of physical danger. Beyond that, you may feel “overwhelmed” from overconsumption.

If you consume too much, we recommend staying occupied until the effects fade over time. Remind yourself that this experience is temporary and will go away on its own.

In the meantime, grab a book, paint, or binge-watch a familiar T.V. Show.

Whatever you decide to do, ride the wave until the effects dissipate. If none of this helps, it might be best to take a nap.

How to Prevent A Delta-8 “Hangover”

Most hemp connoisseurs will admit to a time that they overdid it. 

We have all been there, and while it doesn’t usually lead to next-day effects, there is the possibility.

If you woke up the next morning still feeling the THC, below are some of our tips to prevent it from happening again. 

Avoid Consuming Delta-8 Late At Night

When the workday is over, and you finally make it back home, there is nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing. But  if you wait to enjoy hemp right before bed, you risk the effects staying with you the following morning.

Instead, only use Delta-8 late at night if you have a free morning the following day. 

Eat A Large Meal Before

This may not seem like a little detail, but eating before you consume hemp makes a big difference in many areas of the experience.

For one, without eating before, you leave room for the effects to begin far sooner than expected. Also, it potentially could lengthen the period of effects.

Lastly, eating before will help with the “munchies.”

We can all agree that food seems to taste the best after hemp sessions. But sometimes, your stomach can feel like a never-ending pit.

Eating before will help with the speed and longevity of effects and keep you from all those calories from snacking.

Use Delta-8 In Moderation

We all love Delta-8. But remember, moderation is key.

Hemp products are meant to be used responsibly.

Overindulging leaves room for effects to stay longer than expected, which may put a damper on the next day.

Stay Hydrated 

We are sure that this isn’t the first time you’ve been told to drink your water. But seriously, drinking water and staying hydrated will benefit many different aspects of your life, especially with hemp.

Before, during, and after each session, have water within reach. 


No one likes to enter a ride they didn’t expect, which is why it is critical to start small if you aren’t familiar with hemp products.

By starting small, you have the option of adding more later on and determining whether or not Delta-8 feels right for you.

Keep in mind, if you do use a small amount first, wait an appropriate amount of time before reaching for more.

We hope our tips will be of use for your adventures with Delta-8.

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