How to Tell If Your Vape Coil Is Bad

Learning to identify a burnt vape coil is something that may feel difficult to nail down, especially if you’re new to vaping.

If you struggle with knowing how to tell if vape coil is bad—you’re not alone.

We’ve all been there, but hopefully, you can avoid making this rookie mistake by following the five signs below. If you find that your coil mirrors any of these features, it may be time to toss it.

A Burnt Taste

One of the easiest indicators that a coil has gone bad is when you are left with a harsh burning taste.

Vaping with a burnt coil is not only unpleasant—but may cause irritation.

If you are experiencing this taste, it’s best to stop using your vape until you replace the coil. This may feel frustrating if it seems like you just replaced it, but it’s unavoidable.

For those who enjoy vaping frequently, you are used to burning through coils left and right, but we have a tip on extending its life.

As soon as you start noticing a burnt flavor, remove your coil and tank, and clean it. If you caught it soon enough, this should give you a few days until you need to head over to the store and buy a replacement.

The Tank Starts Leaking

If your vape juice starts leaking all over your device, it’s time to take a thorough analysis of the issue.

There are many reasons why a vape tank is leaking. It could be because it has a defective o-ring, tipping the vape on its side, or an overfilled tank.

To put a stop to the leaking, take it apart and clean each piece. Reassembling it back together, use it as you usually do. If it still has a leak, it may be because you need to replace the coil.

Either way, make sure you find the root of the issue, because if you ignore this, the liquid could seep into the battery and ruin the vaporizer beyond repair.

The Tank Starts Making Gurgling Sounds

It’s common for a vaporizer to make the occasional crackle or pop, except it should never have a gurgling or spitting noise.

If you notice this, it might mean a few things. Your wattage could be too low. Simply go to the device’s settings and set it between 80 to 100 watts. If this does not fix the problem, replace the coil.

After changing the wattage and coil, there should be improvement. If not, you may have a faulty mod.

Your E-Juice Starts Tasting Weird

Besides your e-juice from tasting burnt, sometimes the juice will start tasting dull or not as distinct as it usually is.

If you notice your favorite flavors start to taste unusual or unpleasant, it may be time to switch out your coil.

But before you do, make sure the flavor hasn’t been altered by mixing different juices because if that is the case, the coil isn’t burnt.

Lack of Vapor

When a fresh coil is used, the vapor will have a clean and bright taste, with large clouds.

Over time, the coil’s lifespan will gradually lessen, lowering the vapor output. When this occurs, you can replace it or ignore it until it worsens.

Before jumping to any conclusions, check the battery on your mod. If it is low, the device will produce a lack of vapor and needs to be recharged. If charging does not alter the output, your coil needs to be swapped with a new one.

How Often Should I Change My Coil

Frequently changing your coil is basic maintenance to ensure that you get the most life out of your device and e-juice.

The amount of times you replace your coil will depend on how often you vape and change flavors.

In other words, the more you vape and use different juices, the more you will be swapping out your coils. If you use your vaporizer multiple times a day, the coil will likely give out every few days.

Don’t push the limits of your coil, and instead stock up. So that way, when it’s ready for the trash, you have a few backups.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to hear, see, and taste will make spotting a coil replacement an easy endeavor. In the future if you think you might have a bad vape coil, simply follow the signs above to determine whether it’s trash or if it still has some life.

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