Is Delta 9 Legal in New Hampshire?

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Are you a fan of hemp products? Well, let us be the first to tell you the good news—Delta-9 is now legal in New Hampshire!

Our line of hemp-derived Delta-9 products are Farm Bill compliant and never exceed the 0.3% Delta-9 concentration limit. 

Does this sound interesting to you? Then, keep reading to learn about hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, the legality of hemp products, and the effects of Delta-9. 

Is Delta 9 THC Legal to Buy in New Hampshire?

If you are up on the hemp laws in the United States, you’re probably aware that the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp. However, this poses a question—is Delta 9 THC legal in New Hampshire?

As of writing this the answer is yes! Similar to federal law, New Hampshire passed House Bill 459-FN, making hemp-derived products legal in the state, including Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBD.

According to the Farm Bill and New Hampshire’s hemp laws, you can legally purchase products containing hemp-derived Delta-9 THC as long as the concentration is at or below 0.3% on a dry weight basis. 

Let’s dive into more specifics of the bill:

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

306:1  Findings.  The general court finds:

  1. Hemp has been continuously cultivated for millennia, is accepted and available in the global marketplace, and has numerous beneficial, practical, and economic uses, including:  high-strength fiber, textiles, clothing, bio-fuel, paper products, protein-rich food containing essential fatty acids and amino acids, biodegradable plastics, resins, nontoxic medicinal and cosmetic products, construction materials, rope, and value-added crafts.
  2. Hemp cultivation will enable the state of New Hampshire to accelerate economic growth and job creation and promote environmental stewardship.



439-A:1  Purpose.  The intent of this chapter is to define hemp so that farmers and other businesses in the New Hampshire agricultural industry can take advantage of this market opportunity afforded by the passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.

439-A:2  Definitions.  In this chapter:

  1. "Cannabidiol" or "CBD" is a phytocannabinoid extracted from hemp plants.
  2. “Hemp products” means all products made from hemp, including cloth, cordage, fiber, food, fuel, paint, paper, construction materials, plastics, seed, seed meal, seed oil, and certified seed for cultivation.
  3. “Hemp” means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of the plant, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration (THC) of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.

439-A:3  Hemp Permitted.  Hemp is an agricultural product which may be grown as a crop, processed, possessed, and commercially traded in New Hampshire.  Any grower, processor, or commercial trader of hemp shall be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

306:3  Controlled Drug Act; Marijuana; Hemp Exception.  Amend RSA 318-B:2-c, I(a) to read as follows:

(a)  "Marijuana" includes the leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds of all species of the plant genus cannabis, but shall not include the resin extracted from any part of such plant and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation from such resin including hashish, and further, shall not include the mature stalks of such plant, fiber produced from such stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of such plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such mature stalks, fiber, oil or cake, or the sterilized seed of such plant which is incapable of germination.  Marijuana shall not include hemp grown, processed, marketed, or sold under RSA 439-A.  

(Full Bill)

What’s Delta-9 THC?

Thorough research shows that over 100 cannabinoids can be extracted from the hemp plant. Each of these has different effects on the human body.

You may have heard of some of the most popular constituents, including:

  • Delta-9 THC
  • Delta-8 THC
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

Delta-9 THC, otherwise known as Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, can be found in both the hemp and marijuana plant. You may have heard this cannabinoid associated with “weed”, but it must be sourced from marijuana or at a concentration higher than 0.3% per dry weight to be labeled as such. 

What Are the Effects of Delta 9 THC?

Since we know that all cannabinoids are likely to cause different effects, this may leave you with a couple of questions. What effects does Delta-9 edibles have on the body?

You can’t pinpoint exactly how it will make you feel. However, some cannabis enthusiasts have said they’ve experienced:

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Calmness

How you feel depends on how much you decide to take. The effects may differ for everyone. Then there are factors to consider such as other cannabinoids and even terpenes. For example, our Select Spectrum products contain a blend of cannabinoids, including CBD and Delta-9, that encourage the entourage effect.

If you are trying Delta-9 for the first time, start small. You can always take more if you haven’t reached your desired effects.

What’s the Difference Between Delta 8 and Delta 9?

Although Delta-8 and Delta-9 are both derived from hemp, the effects that they bring on differ. Every cannabinoid is likely going to have different effects on the body, resulting in varying outcomes.

The difference between these two cannabinoids comes down to the molecular arrangement of each. Delta 8 and Delta 9 have the same chemical formula. However, Delta-9 has a chemical bond on the ninth carbon chain, while Delta-8 has a chemical bond on the eighth carbon chain.

Because of this slight difference, Delta 8 may leave you with uplifted feelings, relaxation, and an overall sense of wellbeing, while the effects of Delta 9 may differ.  

Can You Buy Delta-9 in New Hampshire?

Yes, you can buy Delta 9 THC gummies in New Hampshire! You may have already bought this if you’ve ever purchased full-spectrum CBD.

Buying Delta 9 in New Hampshire is most easily done online. Just enter your credit or debit card information and expect it at your doorstep within a few days. Since it can be challenging to find in stores, many people tend to buy Delta 9 products online in New Hampshire due to the federal legalization of hemp. 

Is Delta-9 Safe?

Delta-9 is safe when used correctly. Any product that includes THC should be used in moderation. It’s vital that you do not operate a vehicle or any type of heavy machinery after taking any form of THC. 

Delta-9 affects every person differently, and some have reported feeling a bit “overwhelmed” after taking too much. 

If you are trying Delta-9 products for the first time, start small. If you think you’ve accidentally taken too much, find something to comfort yourself. Some activities we recommend are taking a walk, listening to music, or reading your favorite book.

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