Is Delta 9 Legal in Connecticut?

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Have you ever heard of hemp-derived Delta-9? If not, let us be the first to inform you that hemp-derived Delta-9 is legal in Connecticut.

At Hometown Hero, we crafted several lines of hemp-derived Delta-9 products which includes Select Spectrum, Live Rosin gummies, and more.

If you are eager to learn more, join us as we discuss cannabis law, and Delta-9.

Is Delta 9 THC Legal in Connecticut?

If you don’t follow hemp law, you may be wondering-is Delta-9 legal in Connecticut?

As of writing this, Delta-9 is legal in Connecticut and can be purchased if you are 21 years or older. In 2019, Governor Ned Lamont signed Senate Bill 893, which legalized hemp and hemp cultivation.

Before this bill was passed, the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp production, derivatives, and products. Hemp companies that follow federal hemp standards can ship their products to customers.

In May 2021, SB 1201 was passed making Connecticut the 19th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Below are highlights of Senate Bill 893:

(1) "Cannabidiol" or "CBD" means the nonpsychotropic compound by the same name and with a delta-a tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 per cent on a dry weight basis derived from hemp, as defined in the federal act;

(12) "Hemp products" means products with a delta-a tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 per cent on a dry weight basis derived from, or made by, the processing of hemp plants or hemp plant parts;

(w) Notwithstanding any provision of the general statutes: (1) Marijuana does not include hemp or hemp products; (2) THC that does not exceed 0.3 per cent by dry weight and that is found in hemp shall not be considered to be THC that constitutes a controlled substance; (3) hemp-derived cannabidiols, including CBD, shall not constitute controlled substances or adulterants solely on the basis of containing CBD; and (4) hemp products that contain one or more hemp-derived cannabidiols, such as CBD, intended for ingestion shall be considered foods, not controlled substances or adulterated products solely on the basis of the containing hemp-derived cannabidiols.

(Full Bill)

What’s Delta 9 THC?

You may not know, but there are over 113 different cannabinoids that can be extracted from hemp. Although there are many compounds located in hemp, the main cannabinoids in production are Delta-9, Delta-8, and CBD.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol used to be only associated with marijuana, but it is a natural compound located in hemp too. As research in the cannabis world continues, there have been many extraction methods that can be used to extract Delta-9 along with other cannabinoids.

And at Hometown Hero, no matter what product you buy, you can guarantee that it has been tested multiple times from seed to sale. Our customer's safety is our number one priority, and our thorough testing process gives us the confidence that our products are high quality and safe to use.

Can You Buy Delta 9 in Connecticut?

Buying Delta-9 edibles in Connecticut is quite easy since recreational marijuana became legalized, but marijuana cannot be shipped. If you prefer hemp products, you are in luck because you can buy Delta 9 products online in Connecticut.

Purchasing consumable hemp online is as simple as typing in your credit card number and having your selection of products shipped right to your door! At Hometown Hero, our products meet federal standards while being shipped discreetly and safely. Shopping with us has never been easier.

Hemp products are legally allowed to contain 0.3% of hemp-derived Delta 9 on a dry weight basis. If a hemp product surpasses this amount, it will be labeled “weed” and illegal to ship.

What Are the Effects of Delta 9 THC?

Everyone has a different experience with Delta-9 because of the many effects that this cannabinoid can bring on. The effects listed below are not guaranteed, as our bodies react to chemicals in their own unique way. With that in mind, cannabis enthusiasts have reported feeling:

  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Motivated
  • Calm

We know what you are thinking. These effects sound amazing! Although Delta-9 can invoke an exciting experience, it is important to note that many factors can affect your experience. Two factors you can control are the amount you consume and your environment.

If you don’t know your tolerance or do not actively consume Delta-9, refrain from consuming a large amount. Starting with a small portion will allow you to gauge how you feel and identify the amount you need in the future.

Lastly, plan ahead to ensure your environment is safe and comfortable. It is a common error to skip this step but doing so may negatively impact your experience. We recommend enjoying Delta-9 on a nice quiet evening with a few friends.

Is Delta 9 Safe?

Delta-9 THC is generally safe as there’s very little threat of physical danger. Any product with THC should be used moderately and responsibly. If you have any errands or tasks, complete them before taking Delta-9 because once you consume Delta-9, you cannot drive a vehicle or operate any heavy machinery.

If you are not experienced in hemp, it is easy to overestimate the amount of Delta-9 you need, but always start small. When you don’t start small, it may lead you to feel “overwhelmed” or have “intense” sensations. Remember, these effects are only temporary and should be gone in a few hours.

To encourage an uplifting experience or to improve how you feel, we recommend watching TV, grabbing a snack, or taking a blissful nap.

Where to Buy Legal Delta 9 THC in Connecticut

You can find products that contain Delta-9 at your local dispensary or hemp shop, but if you’re looking for added convenience you may want to buy Delta-9 that has been extracted from hemp.

At Hometown Hero, we offer a wide range of hemp-derived products that can be ordered online or purchased in person. We actively donate a portion of our profits to veteran organizations, provide world-class customer service and fast shipping. Grab your nearest device and see what Hometown Hero can offer you today!

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