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What Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

What Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

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What Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

A pre-roll joint happens to be a new addition to hemp consumers.

Before hemp was legal nationwide, many had to endure the harsh adventure of learning how to roll a joint themselves.

But not anymore.

With hemp on the rise, more people have access to high-quality pre-rolls.

And thankfully, once you have it in your hand, all there is to worry about is finding a lighter (and let’s be honest, that is a whole different level of frustration). 

Beyond the struggles of finding a misplaced lighter, pre-rolls are the definition of easy in the cannabis world.

So let’s discuss the different pre-rolls available, benefits, and finding some today.

What Are Hemp Pre-Rolls?

Joints are basically the ultimate introduction to hemp, and what makes them even better?

When they are pre-rolled.

Hemp pre-rolls are arguably one of the most convenient ways to smoke hemp.

They require no tools, time commitment, and no rolling necessary.

What makes a hemp pre-roll?

A hemp pre-roll is an umbrella term. Meaning a hemp pre-roll can be joint with CBD flower, Delta-8, Delta-8 moon rocks, etc.

What Are CBD Pre-Rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are joints that contain CBD flower.

Not everybody is looking to jump headfirst into hemp products. However, CBD flower is a bridge that allows consumers to identify if they enjoy it or not.

CBD pre-rolls will typically offer effects similar to full-spectrum CBD.

Often, the CBD flower will hold a lower THC concentration than the Delta-8 THC flower.

However, it’s important to look at the product certificate of analysis (COA) to find information regarding cannabinoid content.

What Are Delta-8 Pre-Rolls?

Delta-8 pre-rolls are joints made with Delta-8 infused CBD flower.

This type of pre-roll is favored by many for the convenience and effects that come with Delta-8.

Before we get into effects, it’s important to note that results vary.

That said, hemp enthusiasts have reported various effects, with mild-euphoria and relaxation being the most common.

And when you shop with a high-quality manufacturer, the taste, aroma, and quality of the roll are even better.  

What Are Pre-Rolls Made Of?

Is this a trick question?

Jokes aside, pre-rolls are made of hemp flower, shake, or trim.

High-quality pre-rolls will use hemp flower or shake. Shake is when the hemp flower is broken off into smaller bits, which manufacturers will collect for pre-rolls.

Moving on, let’s focus on the making of a pre-roll.

Once the manufacturer chooses the type of hemp to use, they will use rolling paper with a filter and load it with the material.

Following this, most companies will have a device to ensure the mixture is settled and free of any air pockets.

After the pre-roll is packed correctly, they will twist the tip and send it on its way.

Pre-Rolls vs. Blunts

Pre-Rolls vs. Blunts

Let’s set pre-roll aside for a moment and take a look at blunts.

How are they different from pre-rolls?

The main differences between blunts and joints are the size and what it’s wrapped in.

Normally blunts are wrapped into a compressed hemp leaf or cigar paper, with it being much more significant in length and thickness than a pre-roll.

In addition to this, joints tend to burn more quickly than blunts because of the thin paper used for making pre-rolls.

Since blunts are bigger and don’t burn as fast, they are more favorable for sharing, and the additional advantage of nicotine that accompanies cigar paper.

Trying out both methods will help determine which one you prefer.

The Benefits of Pre-rolls

Pre-roll have many advantages.

They are simple, discreet, disposable, and can be shared.

But the biggest benefit of hemp pre-rolls?

They can be purchased online!

Keep your pajamas on, grab your nearest device, and BAM.

Just like that, you can place an order and have it at your door in a few days.

With benefits like these, who wouldn’t want to shop for hemp?

Except, if you’re a novice enthusiast looking to buy a pre-roll, how do you find premium quality?

Well, it’s easy—shop with us.

At Hometown Hero, we produce the top hemp products on the market, and we continue this by using high-quality flowers and the best ingredients. 

And like many of our merchandise, our Delta-8 THC Joints are one for the books.

Made with our most popular flower, Raygun, this joint will leave you sitting back and entering your happy place. 

With 188mg of Delta-8 THC in each pre-roll, on top of the robust earthy and piney taste, this will reach far beyond your expectations.

But if you want to add a twist, bundle up and try our Delta-8 Puff and Crunch Pack. 

Not only do you receive two pre-rolls, but there is also our Delta-8 Rainbow Square. Fruity rice cereal, gooey marshmallows, and 200mg of Delta-8 THC.

Shop for pre-rolls or up your game with a bundle.

Either way, you’re the one winning.

Final Thoughts

Pre-rolls bring us back to our roots. They are simple, easy, and stress-free. While practice does make perfect with rolling, don’t waste time if you don’t have it, especially when we have experts like us, rolling joints for you. So set the rolling tray down, order a Delta-8 pre-roll today, and experience the quality of our roll, but most importantly, our flower.

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