Complete Guide to Our Live Rosin Cannabis Strains

Complete Guide to Our Live Rosin Cannabis Strains

While browsing our Live Rosin Collection you'll encounter names such as "Northern Lights" and "Blue Dream." If you're a beginner cannabis enthusiast, you're probably wondering what they could mean,  and if you're an experienced cannasseur, you're probably wondering how these strains are available as hemp. 

Well, in either case, you're in luck, because this blog post will cover everything you need to know about hemp strains. We’ve even included a comprehensive guide to the various strains we use for our products, so read on. 

What Are Hemp Strains? 

assortment of cannabis strains

To those well-acquainted with cannabis, Sour Diesel, White Rhino, and Super Silver Haze are familiar favorites. 

"But aren't those marijuana strains?" 

Yes, but they are also available as hemp. The reason for this is that hemp and marijuana are the same species— cannabis. What separates the two (aside from, of course, legality) is the dry-weight concentration of Delta-9 THC. Hemp is cannabis with a 0.3% or lower concentration by dry weight, and marijuana contains any concentration higher than this. 

The way you can get these "marijuana strains" as hemp is that the plants will be selectively bred in a legal state so that the strain keeps its taste, smell, and synergy (from its terpene profile) while remaining under the legal limit for Delta-9. Essentially, it's the same strain but bred to have a lower Delta-9 THC concentration.

What Is Live Rosin?

live rosin on a dab tool

Live rosin is a concentrate, meaning it's a cannabis extract that's rich in naturally occurring compounds. To produce live rosin, you take freshly harvested plant material, which you then flash freeze to preserve the "living profile" of the plant, and then put it under enough heat and pressure to produce a rich, golden sap. 

This sap is rich in compounds called "terpenes." Terpenes are essentially aromatic plant compounds that can even be found in species outside of cannabis. For example, pinene is a popular cannabis terpene, but it's also what gives pine trees their distinctive scent. But besides smell, some terpenes, such as myrcene, can offer synergy, which may help transport cannabinoids into the brain. 

Our Live Rosin Strains

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the strains we’ve grown to craft our Live Rosin collection.

Blue Dream

bag of blue dream strain edibles

Associated Effects: Creativity, Energy, Mood-Boosting
Other Names: N/A
Classification: Sativa-forward
Parent Strains: Blueberry, Haze
Flavor Profile: Blueberry, Sweet, Citrus

Blue Dream's origins trace back to the early 2000s in Santa Cruz, CA. As a cross between the Blue Berry and Haze strains, this sativa-leaning cultivar has gained legendary status for its berry-like sweetness paired with its overall uplifting effects. 

Blue Dream Live Rosin Products: 
bag of gelato hybrid strain edibles

Associated Effects: Euphoria, Happiness, Arousal 
Other Names: Larry Bird, Gelato #42
Classification: Hybrid
Parent Strains: Thin Mint, Sunset Sherbert
Flavor Profile: Fruity, Pepper

First cultivated in 2014 by a grower in San Francisco, CA, Gelato contains a perfect balance of Indica-forward and Sativa-forward terpenes. For many enthusiasts, Gelato offers bright yet clear effects, perfect for chores or relaxing on a lazy afternoon. 

Gelato Live Rosin Products:
bag of grand daddy purple strain edibles

Associated Effects: Restfulness, Relaxation, Appetizing
Other Names: GDP, Granddaddy Purps, Granddaddy Purple Kush
Classification: Indica-forward
Parent Strains: Mendo Purps, Skunk, Afghani
Flavor Profile: Grape, Berry, Violet

First popularized in 2003, Grand Daddy Purple is a well-loved indica-forward strain from San Francisco, CA. Aptly named for its deep purple hue, Grand Daddy Purple remains a go-to for many enthusiasts for relaxing evenings. 

Grand Daddy Purple Live Rosin Products:
  • 5mg Delta-9 + CBD Grand Daddy Purple Live Rosin Gummies
  • 25mg Delta-9 Grand Daddy Purple Live Rosin Gummies
  • 5mg Day & Night Discovery Pack
  • 25mg Day & Night Discovery pack

Northern Lights

bag of northern lights indica strain edibles

Associated Effects: Restfulness, Appetizing, Relaxation
Other Names: NL
Classification: Indica-forward
Parent Strains: Afghani, Thai
Flavor Profile: Pine, Spice, Earthy

For decades, Northern Lights has remained one of the most famous, pure indica-forward cannabis strains. Its origins are mysterious, though many speculate that NL was first grown near Seattle, WA, but with a confirmed appearance in the Netherlands in 1985. Northern Lights is considered a top, right-before-bedtime pick for many cannasseurs. 

Northern Lights Live Rosin Products:
large sour diesel strain edible next to mandarin orange slices

Associated Effects: Energy, Talkative, Creativity
Other Names: Sour D, Sour Deez
Classification: Sativa-dominant
Parent Strains: Chem Dawg, Super Skunk
Flavor Profile: Diesel, Pungent, Pine

The exact region of Sour Diesel's origin remains a bit of mystery. Some claim it was first grown in California, while others maintain that this strain came from New York. Either way, Sour Diesel has become a household name among cannabis enthusiasts with its dreamy yet energizing properties. 

Sour Diesel Live Rosin Products:

Super Silver Haze

super silver haze edibles next to dried blood orange slices

Associated Effects: Energy, Mood Boosting, Creativity
Other Names: SSH
Classification: Sativa-forward
Parent Strains: Northern Lights, Skunk, Haze
Flavor Profile: Citrus, Spicy, Herbal

With its energetic, long-lasting effects (as reported by enthusiasts), it's no wonder why Super Silver Haze is such a favorite among cannasseurs. Originating from Amsterdam, this radiant sativa boasts three High Time Cannabis Cups. 

Super Silver Haze Products:
large white rhino strain edible next to tart black cherries

Associated Effects: Restfulness, Giggly, Appetizing
Other Names:  N/A
Classification: Indica-forward
Parent Strains: White Widow, North American Indica
Flavor Profile: Woody, Earthy, Pungent

Little is known about the exact origins of the White Rhino strain. However, this indica-forward cultivar has made a name for itself in the cannabis community among those who are seeking a bit of heavy-handed, long-lasting bodily relaxation. 

Sour Diesel Live Rosin Products:
We hope this article helped you find the right product to match the feeling you're looking for (or at least made you a bit more knowledgeable about cannabis). Keep an eye out for updates because we'll add to this guide as we launch more products featuring a broader variety of strains. 

Until next time, happy exploring and Mind Your Mind. 

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