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How to Smoke Moon Rocks

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

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How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Have you ever been smoking Delta-8 flower and thought, “What could take this to another level?” The simple answer—moon rocks.

Living up to their name, Delta-8 moon rocks are a product that’s…truly out of this world (pun intended).

Known as the “gold” of hemp flower, Delta 8 moon rocks are CBD flower dipped in Delta-8 distillate and then coated in CBD kief. Trust us, this is a hemp enthusiast's dream, and if you haven’t tried it, you’ve been missing out.

If this is the first time hearing about moon rocks, don’t fret. Below is a guide on everything you need to know about this extraterrestrial product and how to smoke them for the best results.

What Are Moon Rocks?

delta 8 moon rocks

Moon rocks have been compared to hemp concentrates in the past, except this line contains three different products to create a hemp lover's dream.

As stated earlier, Delta 8 moon rocks start as CBD flower later infused with Delta 8 THC distillate and then rolled in kief.

Delta-8 moon rocks can offer a Delta-8 experience augmented with a high concentration of CBD and terpenes. This combination can offer a delightfully different experience, but keep in mind that results may vary.

How to Smoke Delta 8 Moon Rocks

smoking delta 8 moon rocks

Here are techniques that have been tried and tested to ensure that you have the best experience with your moon rocks. Since this product has been known to cause a sticky mess, our three methods will help prevent any wasted material from occurring.

Pack It In Glassware

Taking your preferred glass pipe, simply sprinkle a small amount of it into the bowl.

Remember, this is not a regular hemp flower. Meaning you do not need as much as you typically would use. Plus, consuming more than what's necessary may have you rethinking moon rocks altogether.

Top it with Flower

The sticky and moist texture of the moon rocks make a difficult endeavor to light. And when it does, the next challenge is staying lit.

Combat this by breaking apart the moon rock and placing it at the bottom of the pipe, and then packing some hemp flower on top.

Beware, it’s easy to get carried away. So if you have a full bowl, it’s best to share with some friends or stop after a puff or two.

If you usually don’t use glassware and plan to make a joint with it, you can only do this if you have a combination with hemp flower and moon rock. Otherwise, the roll won’t be able to stay lit.

“Landmine” Method

This technique is preferred by novice enthusiasts looking to try moon rocks without overdoing it.

The “landmine” method starts by packing half your pipe with CBD flower, adding a small layer of moon rock in the middle (about 10% of the pipe), and then covering it with the remaining hemp flower.

By choosing this method, you will get to experience the gentleness of the CBD while still being able to try moon rocks for yourself.

Where to Buy Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

Delta 8 moon rocks are not as easy to find in-person as they are online. Still, if you’re looking to locate some instantly, your best bet is at your local hemp store or smoke shop.

However, if it’s not available there, don’t panic—because you can buy it directly from us, as long as Delta 8 is legal in your state.

Our online store carries various hemp products, including our Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks.

In each bottle, you receive 4 grams of high-quality Delta 8 THC, allowing you to have enough for all of your needs.

Let us help you take the space flight of your life by placing an order with us today.

Our Advice on Smoking Moon Rocks

Don’t grind the moon rocks: If you put a moon rock in a grinder, it will taint the grinder with a sticky residue, making it nearly impossible to turn. On top of that, you risk losing a portion of the kief and oil in the process.

Eat before you smoke: It may seem wise to skip food and go right into your session, but smoking on an empty stomach may affect the effects. Having a nice sized meal before will keep the munchies at bay, and will ensure your stomach is ready for the adventure you are about to embark on.

Make Sure You're Hydrated: It’s always great to make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Having some water nearby can be a relief, especially if your mouth gets dry from smoking.

Complete your daily tasks: If you can do little tasks around the house after consuming Delta-8 flower, don’t expect the same situation with moon rocks. By getting all of your chores done, you’ll be able to moonwalk through space without any concern.

Choose the right environment: Last, but certainly not least—choose the right setting. When you consume moon rocks, you want to be in a location where you can vibe and relax. However, being in an environment that isn’t comfortable or familiar may negatively affect the experience.

How Delta 8 Moon Rocks Are Made At Home

Contrary to what you might think, Delta 8 moon rocks can be made at home too! Everything you need will include:

  • CBD flower
  • Delta 8 distillate
  • Kief from the bottom of your herb grinder
  • Chopsticks (or tongs)
  • Wax paper

Step 1: In a small bowl, collect all of your kief from the bottom of the herb grinder.

Step 2: Using your favorite Delta 8 concentrate, heat it until it becomes a liquid.

Step 3: Lay down a sheet of wax paper. Use the chopsticks to grab the flower and raise it over the wax paper. Taking the concentrate, glaze it evenly across the hemp flower.

Step 4: Place the coated flower in the kief bowl and roll it until it is entirely covered.

Step 5: Let your moon rocks dry thoroughly.

NOTE: Depending on how saturated the hemp flower is, it may take up to 7 days to dry fully.

Final Thoughts

With our guide, you should be able to experience a side of hemp never seen before. Whether you choose to make your own or purchase from us online, prepare for a date with hemp like no other. Just make sure you have some snacks and water on deck because you’re likely going to reach for it.

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