Hometown Hero Donates $65,000 To The Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars

Hometown Hero Donates $65,000 To The Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars

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This past December, we got a visit from the Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the Executive Director of the Texas Hemp Federation (THF), Jay Maguire. Plus, we got to pay a visit to VFW Post 10427 in Leander, TX.

And as the perfect wrap-up to 2021, we had the privilege of making our largest single donation yet, with $55,000 contributed to the Texas VFW and $10,000 to VFW Post 10427.

To learn more about this incredible organization of veterans that truly embodies continuous service, watch the video below:

About The Veterans of Foreign Wars

Founded in 1899, the VFW is a nonprofit organization consisting of U.S. veterans and service members of active, guard, and reserve forces who have fought in foreign lands, waters, and airspace.

The organization provides a wide range of support for veterans, service members, and their families. This aid includes benefits advocacy, mental health intervention, financial scholarships, grants, and much more.

[Donate to Texas VFW]

The VFW's impact on this nation and its veterans is immeasurable. Some notable achievements in the VFW's over 100 years of service include:

  • Playing an instrumental role in the development of the Veterans Administration (precursor to the Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Helping establish the National Cemetery System
  • Fighting for compensation for Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange and veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome
  • Winning the fight to get the 21st Century GI Bill passed, which expanded educational benefits for those who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Pushing for the Veterans Access and Accountability Act of 2014, to improve VA medical services for women veterans
  • Assisting in funding the Vietnam, World War II, Women in Military Service For America, and American Veterans Disabled for Life memorials

United in patriotism, camaraderie, and service, the VFW is truly a band of heroes helping heroes.

Hometown Heroes: Lupita Perez, Angel Ramirez, Mitch Fuller & Gene Davenport

On the first day, we had State Adjutant Lupita Perez, State Assistant Adjutant Angel Ramirez, and Director of Government and Public Affairs Mitch Fuller drop by our facility in Austin, TX.

We've had the VFW over before, but it was still an amazing experience having them visit  once again. Overall, just knowing what they've done for this country, what they continue to do for this country, and having them come to our facility is quite humbling.

Throughout the tour, we got to show them our production processes and introduce them to the people who make up Hometown Hero.

But one of the most gratifying parts of the tour was hearing firsthand about how Delta-8 has helped improve their lives, the lives of fellow veterans, and their families. It's this type of impact, and these types of stories got us into the cannabis industry in the first place.

In our office, Hometown Hero CEO and USCG veteran Lukas Gilkey and THF Executive Director Jay Maguire, presented the veterans with a $55,000 check.

The contribution from Hometown Hero will go toward the VFW’s Military Assistance Program (MAP). MAP offers financial assistance for activities that connect service members to supportive VFW programs and services.

We headed out to VFW Post 10427 in Leander the next day, which is just about 40 minutes or so away from our facility.

We met again with Mitch (who also serves as the Post Commander) and Quartermaster of Post 10427, Gene Davenport.

On our visit, we heard more stories about the impact of Delta-8 and how it helped the post’s members.

Plus, they even had a Delta-8 vending machine and the VFW is working to get this type of vending machine into every post in Texas!

Hometown Hero Vice President Lewis Hamer, Lukas, and Jay presented the $10,000 donation to Mitch and Gene for Post 10427. This segment of the donation fund some much-needed building improvements, repairs, and updates.

Supporting Veterans and Looking Ahead

As mentioned earlier, 2021 was a big year for us. We were featured in the New York Times, added hemp-derived Delta-9 to our lineup, and fought for Delta-8 access in Texas.

But at the end of the day, our true measure of success rests on how much we can help and honor our nation's veterans, our hometown heroes.

It's why we're willing to fight tooth and nail to keep cannabis, a resource and lifeline for many U.S. veterans, accessible. It's why we've always donated a portion of proceeds from every product sold to nonprofits that help our nation's veterans.

And this year, because of our supporters (like you), our donations to veterans nonprofits mounted to a total of $100,000!

It cannot be stressed enough that the work done by the VFW, along with other veteran supporting organizations, changes and even saves lives.

These organizations might be the only help that many veterans get for issues such as a lack of adequate benefits, physical disability, mental illness, homelessness, and many more challenges.

Finally, to all U.S. veterans, our words cannot express our gratitude for what you gave to this country. We will always recognize your courage, your sacrifices, and your ongoing struggles at Hometown Hero. And we will always work and push forward to support you.

And you can guarantee that we have our sights set on increasing our donations in 2022.

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