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Hometown Hero Donates $25,000 to Veterans

Hometown Hero Donates $25,000 to Veterans

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From the very beginning, Hometown Hero CBD has strived each and every day to achieve two main goals. The first, of course is to deliver top-quality cannabis to all of our amazing customers and second, is providing our assistance and support to veterans across the country through organizations like the DAV and VFW!

Hometown Hero Support for Veterans

VFW with Hometown Hero Donation Check

We know how much of a struggle this whole year has been for everyone, as there is no doubt the year 2020 will be going down in infamy. This year has been particularly rough on the growing community of disabled veterans across the country, as a good majority have pre-existing conditions attributed to COVID-19 fatalities and have had a hard time getting the proper care for other ailments.

As previously stated, helping these heroes is in the lifeblood of Hometown Hero and one of our main objectives every day we walk into our offices. To celebrate this year's Veterans Day, we reached out to our local DAV and VFW representatives to come out and hang out with us so we could show our gratitude and present them with our donation of $25,000, split evenly between both organizations. We could not have been in this position for such a huge donation without the incredible support of our amazing customers and we are so grateful for each and every one of you.

Texas VFW Visits Hometown Hero

We started our morning off with a visit from the Texas VFW, led by Quartermaster Dan West and Angel Ramirez. Both of these fine gentlemen are retired marines, marines with a whole of strength, heart, and of course a whole lot of great stories to tell. Hearing the wisdom coming out of these veterans' mouths is something we will always remember, the pure compassion and will to do good should be inspiring to each and every one of us.

After our CEO, Lukas Gilkey, presented these heroes with our donation of $12,500 to go to supporting the Veterans of Foreign Wars, they then returned the favor with a challenge coin (if you know what these are, then you know the importance they carry) and a limited edition Texas VFW - 100 years of service book. These gifts are something we are going to proudly show off in the office and something we are extremely proud to have.

Hometown Hero and The DAV

Later in the afternoon, we had the pleasure of having Masa Petit, the South Central Regional Director of Personal Philanthropy Programs for the DAV visit our facility to accept our $12,500 donation. Masa is a real patriot with a huge heart, who in return gifted us another challenge coin (again, these are a really big deal) and custom DAV masks to keep everyone at Hometown Hero safe during this pandemic.

You ask anyone in our office, and any day we get to host our brave men and women, or those who represent them is a great day in our book. As previously mentioned, this year has been particularly rough on organizations like the DAV and VFW and we encourage you to donate anything you can to these great causes in the links below.

Donate to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Organization!

Donate to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Organization!

Thank you all for everything you do for us, as without our amazing customer base, none of this would be possible!

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