Gummy Day (9/29) - An Insider's Guide To The Most Popular Edible

Gummy Day (9/29) - An Insider's Guide To The Most Popular Edible

Happy 9/29 aka "Gummy Day!" 

Didn't know that it was Gummy Day?

We don't blame you...we just invented it.

There is a Dab Day (7/10) and a Delta-8 Day (12/8), so why can't there be a holiday dedicated to gummies?

So in honor of Gummy Day, we'll go over what makes gummies a great medium, an industry-insider look at what separates craft-quality gummies from the rest, and some ideas for celebrating.

Let's begin!

Why Gummies?

Did you know that gummies are the most popular form of cannabis edibles in America?

Sorry brownies (though you still hold a place in the hearts of many).

So what makes gummies so popular?

We don't have that info, but if we're to take a hunch, it would be because...


No smoke and no scent means no curious eyes in your direction.

Gummies can be enjoyed just about anywhere hemp-derived THC is legal.


Smoking and vaping aren't for everyone.

And that's okay.

But everyone eats...which makes gummies an excellent choice for sharing the good vibes with some friends (aka the best party favor).


We can't say enough good things about baked goods.

But once that package is open, the clock is ticking against staleness.

Gummies, on the other hand, stay soft, squishy, and chewy for much longer than many other edibles.


With gummies, getting a precise measurement for cannabinoids is easy (if it's infused, but we'll talk about that later).

This quality makes it easier to find your "sweet spot" when divvying up amounts and getting repeatable results.

What makes a top-shelf

Now you'll learn some hemp industry secrets that will allow you to become a sommelier...but for gummies.


We'll get back to you when we come up with something better.

But here are some ways that you can distinguish a craft gummy from others.


There are two main ways that you can make hemp-derived THC gummies.

The "easy way" is to take some pre-made gummies and apply a tincture onto it.

The other method is to infuse the cannabinoids into the gummy as it's being made.

Infusion is what truly separates a high quality gummy from others.


Well, for starters, infused gummies taste better.

With the drip method, you get that funky aftertaste.

Plus, infusion improves the cannabinoid consistency of a gummy, helping ensure that quarter you cut from a 20mg edible is closer to about 5mg (give or take).

Testing, Testing, and...More Testing (With Results Available)

Another "top secret" industry trick for creating craft quality gummies?

Testing every batch...multiple times.

For example, we test all of our products, from seed to sale, at least six times.

In other industries, this is what's known as "quality assurance."

And if by the off chance there's a dud?

That's where our worry-free guarantee comes in.

Testing is what separates an edible from a "meh-dible."

Plus, you shouldn't take the maker's word for it.

Complete third-party lab results should be readily available.

That means a certificate of analysis showing test results for cannabinoid content (the stuff you want) and contaminants (the stuff you don't want).

And those two things, along with some confectionary prowess, is what separates craft-quality from just average. 

Celebrating Gummy Day 

So how do you celebrate Gummy Day?

Pretty much, just like any other cannabis holiday, except, well, partaking in gummies. 

However, here are some ideas that can add a nice boost to your Gummy Day (or just anyway): 

  • Taking gummies with some friends and seeing a movie
  • Enjoying a gummy before going to a concert
  • Host a game night/get-together at our place (with a tray full of gummies)
  • Going out for a relaxing walk after a gummy
  • Enjoying a gummy after a nice exercise
  • Trying a hemp-derived cannabinoid that's new to you

Sure, we invented Gummy Day. 

But then again, there are other holidays such as "National Hole In My Bucket Day," "National Lost Sock Memorial Day," and even "World UFO Day." 

So we think there's definitely room for day dedicated to cannabis gummies. 

From all of us, Happy Gummy Day! 

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