Introducing Delta-8 Day, The New Delta-8 THC Holiday!

Introducing Delta-8 Day, The New Delta-8 THC Holiday!

What is Delta-8 Day (12/8 aka "D8"), and why do we celebrate it?

In short, Delta-8 Day is about celebrating this cannabinoid, spreading awareness, and, of course, enjoying it!

Let's dive in.

What is Delta 8 Day?

Delta 8 Day is something truly special to us as we have been planning since the very first week we started selling our best-selling blueberry Delta 8 Gummies! We believe that Delta 8 THC is something truly special that every fan of cannabis (or even potential fan) should hear about and try for themselves as it is a fantastic little compound with so many great benefits. Of course, we choose the date December 8th because... well, D-8! Plus, with the stress of the holiday season in full effect, could there really be a better date to relax a bit?

We are using the holiday of Delta 8 Day to spread awareness about this federally legal marijuana alternative and encourage other distributors, influencers, and cannabis entertainment websites to do the same! If we all work together, we could successfully see the emergence of a new cannabis holiday!

How to Celebrate Delta-8 Day

two girls enjoying delta 8 joint

Delta 8 Day December 8th

Ok, now here's the tricky part...just kidding.

The best way to celebrate Delta-8 Day is to simply relax, enjoy Delta-8, and spread the word about it!

And if you want to help spread the word about this holiday, you can simply share this blog post on your preferred social media channel!

The more people who know about Delta-8, especially those who could really benefit from it, the more that we can normalize legal, safe, responsible adult enjoyment of cannabis products throughout the United States.

The advent of Delta-8 has led to the development of other hemp products such as Select Spectrum, which contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD to Delta-9 THC.

Only time can tell, but who knows what else can come from Delta-8's rise in popularity!

Stocking Up For Delta-8 Day

pile of delta 8 thc gummies

As stated earlier, a key component of celebrating Delta-8 Day is enjoying Delta-8!

There are several ways you can go about preparing yourself for 12/8.

The first is that if you are new to Delta-8, it's best to check to see if it's legal in your state. On our website, we have this handy map that can tell you right away if Delta-8 is available in your state.

And if Delta-8 isn’t legal in your state, you can always check out Select Spectrum, which is legal in all 50 states.

Then, there are two ways you can go about it. You can go up to your local CBD shop, which tends to have Delta-8 products in many cases, but not all.

Or you can order directly from Hometown Hero!

Unlike marijuana, hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal in many states and on a federal level.

Delta-8's federal legality means that it can cross over state lines and that most banks or credit card companies will allow you to use a debit or credit card to purchase it.

To put it simply, buying Delta-8 online is just about as easy as buying...just about anything else online.

At Hometown Hero, we offer a wide range of Delta-8 products, which includes:

Plus, we offer a variety of bundles if you're looking to get a deal on buying in bulk or get a combination of products at a discount.

And as a head's up, you can always count on us to throw a  sale on Delta-8 Day.

Cannabis in the United States

cannabis leaves in front of U.S. flag

To get a more extensive understanding of why we celebrate Delta-8 Day, aside from Delta-8 just being incredible on its own, is the significance that Delta-8 holds in the bigger picture of cannabis in the United States.

So here's pretty much the story so far:

  • Hemp was a staple crop in the American colonies, used to make many useful things like rope, sails, clothing, and paper.
  • America becomes an independent nation... with its first flag made from hemp.
  • Years pass, and it's business as usual for hemp, and it's even used for sealing combustion chambers on steam engines.
  • Around the late 1800s, cannabis extracts were sold in U.S. pharmacies.
  • In 1910, the Mexican Revolution occurred, immigrants and refugees introduced America to recreationally smoking marijuana.
  • In a backlash fueled by prejudice, misinformation, and Big Paper, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 effectively outlawed marijuana and made hemp cultivation less economically viable.
  • The War on Drugs launched in the 1970s, ramping up incarceration, penalties, and enforcement to combat "public enemy number one."
  • Oregon became the first state to decriminalize cannabis in 1973.
  • In 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana, and other states followed.
  • In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, and other states followed.
  • The 2018 Farm Bill legalizes hemp on a federal level, and other states follow suit.

Ok, so that was a speed run, we couldn't cover every detail, but that's generally it for the most part.

So, where does Delta-8 fit in this story, and why is it so important?

Generally, cannabis legislation has been moving in the right direction. Yes, it has been slow. And yes, some of these things don't really matter unless you're living in a particular state.

Because hey, we're in Texas, after all.

With the 2018 Farm Bill and the development of Delta-8 as a product, for the first time in modern U.S. history, was there a form of legal and widely available THC across a majority of states.

In fact, it’s a big reason why Hometown Hero got into Delta-8 in the first place.

For years, many in the veteran community have been vocal about the relieving properties of cannabinoids. However, veterans in many states didn’t  have access to readily available and legal THC.

That changed with Delta-8. And in keeping up with our mission of supporting veterans, it only felt natural to create Delta-8 products crafted with quality and thoroughly tested for safety, because our veterans don't deserve any less.

Delta-8 Day isn't just about enjoying Delta-8 (although that’s a big part of it). But it's a celebration of a significant step in the right direction towards righting the wrongs of cannabis prohibition and a celebration of THC being available to those who previously couldn't access it.

Now let's get into the impact of Delta-8.

Read More>> Guide to DEA Schedules and Cannabis

Delta-8's Impact

USA with cannabis flag

Delta-8's rise has naturally brought in a lot of attention and even praise.

Sometimes that attention is good, like when we landed a spot in:

Sometimes it’s not so good, like when the Texas legislature tried to ban which we fought it off and won.

However, to us, the most important impact of Delta-8 is when it has truly helped make a positive difference in the lives of many people who couldn’t previously access cannabis.

Here are just a few words from real Hometown Hero customers have said about Delta-8: 

"Exactly what I needed to get through a rough time in my life, and I have never laughed and smiled so much. What a relief! Thank you." - Jake B. (Texas) 7/27/2021

"It seems to take a bit of the edge off and make me feel a little more relaxed. I'm not a problem drinker, but it seems to help me drink less. It's all very subtle but real." - Timothy N. (Alabama) 10/3/2021

"Been using them as needed for various reasons, and they have helped me tremendously. Hometown Hero is my hero!" - Tonna B. (Texas) 9/28/2021

"It feels so nice to be able to unwind and relax my body as the effects begin to hit. I will forever be a fan of these squares as well as Hometown Hero!" - Emily S. (Louisiana) 8/25/201

“I’m a college educated man, a self-employed business owner, and an Army vet. The ability to have something like Delta-8 readily accessible and legal is really nothing short of amazing.” - Joe C. (Texas) 3/19/2021

Five years ago, would you have thought to see people enjoying legal THC in states like Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana?

Plus, Delta-8 has helped us on our mission of raising money for charities that do truly amazing things for our nation’s veterans. Check out the YouTube video below to learn more about our donation to Soldiers' Angels and about the nonprofit!


Many people across different states have been waiting on the legalization of marijuana to have access to cannabis for years. With the legalization of hemp and the rise of Delta-8, people have had access to this remarkable cannabinoid in more places than ever and it has made many positive impacts. 

And that's a whole other reason to celebrate Delta-8 Day! 

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Delta 8 THC Day Resources

First time hearing about all of this Delta 8 THC stuff and still have some questions? We got you covered with an extensive catalog of any information you might need down below and of course, we are available daily to answer any questions you might have!

what is delta 8 thc

What is Delta 8 THC?

If you want to celebrate Delta-8 Day, it's good to understand...Delta-8 itself.

Delta-8 is short for "Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol." Basically, it's THC.

And to clarify, Delta-8 isn't "like THC," nor does it "have a little bit of THC."

It’s just THC. And you know what THC is, right?

"Of course! It's the active compound in marijuana!"

That's true in a sense, but it doesn't necessarily cover the entire picture of what THC actually is, where it comes from, and how many different types of THC there are. It's a bit of a step in the right direction, but not quite.

So let's take a step back and then work our way into Delta-8.

THC is a cannabinoid, a compound found in cannabis (that green plant with pointy leaves with a unique scent).

There are two main categories of cannabis. There's marijuana, and then there's hemp. Both of them contain cannabinoids such as THC and cannabidiol (CBD). After all, they're the same species.

The only difference between marijuana and hemp is the concentration of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or "Delta-9 THC."

And yes, it's that THC! The one we all heard about in health class and from those odd, sometimes scary PSAs!

Hemp is cannabis with a 0.3% or less concentration of Delta-9 THC, and marijuana is cannabis with any concentration that's higher than that.

Now, you see, before 2018, hemp did not really "exist" in a legal sense. All cannabis, no matter the Delta-9 THC concentration, was considered as a Schedule I drug. Yeah...Schedule I...ranking it higher than a lot of legitimately bad stuff.

The 2018 Farm Bill created a separate definition for hemp. And then, it legalized the plant along with all of its derived cannabinoids. After that, many states took a cue from Uncle Sam (including Texas) and adopted similar measures.

So basically, a cannabis product is legal on a federal level and in most states if:

  • All the cannabinoids are derived from hemp
  • The Delta-9 THC concentration does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis

Now, let's talk about Delta-8.

Like Delta-9, Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp and marijuana. The difference between the two is that Delta-9 has a chemical bond on its ninth carbon chain, and Delta-8 has a bond on its eighth carbon chain. However, Delta-8 only naturally appears in small amounts.

The process of getting Delta-8 starts with extracting cannabinoids from the plant itself. And then from those cannabinoids is where we can get the Delta-8.

Delta-8 can come in many forms, including:

  • Edibles (gummies, capsules, baked goods)
  • Flower (joints, blunts, moon rocks)
  • Vapes (disposables, carts, juice)
  • Concentrate

You can get Delta-9 from hemp, but one of the main advantages of Delta-8 is that there is no concentration limit since that only applies to Delta-9.

However, there are products which contain compliant concentrations of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC. One example is Hometown Hero’s Select Spectrum blend which has a 1:1 ratio of hemp-derived CBD to hemp-derived Delta-9.

So why do people like Delta-8?

There are many reasons, but many hemp-enthusiasts have described the effects of Delta-8 as:

  • Mildly euphoric
  • Relaxing
  • Calming
  • Creating a sense of well-being

If it's your first time trying Delta-8, make sure you start off small. And no matter how experienced you may be with it, never drive after taking Delta-8.

So now you understand Delta-8, a key component of celebrating Delta-8 Day, we're going to talk about why Delta-8 is so important in the context of cannabis history in the United States.

Read More>> What is Delta-8 THC?

What are the effects of Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC exhibits “lower psychotropic potency” due to the fact that it binds differently to the brain’s CB receptors compared to the likes of Delta 9 THC. This of course meaning it does not exhibit that strong, overwhelming “high” feeling users describe when consuming Delta 9 THC, instead, a focused and calming experience.

Customers themselves describing the feeling as calming yet energizing, inspirational for creative thinking, and creating a perfect sense of relief. You can check out all of our five-star reviews for yourself across our website to see how others feel!

Read more about the numerous effects of Delta 8 THC: What are the effects of Delta 8 THC?

Is Delta 8 THC synthetic?

Delta 8 THC occurs organically in the hemp plant and is by no means a synthetic product. Synthetic alternatives to cannabis and marijuana like K2 (or spice) are man-made, unsafe products that can actually impact your brain in a more powerful way than your traditional cannabis. Synthetic marijuana’s effects are unpredictable and sometimes even life-threatening and dangerous.

We break it down more: Is Delta 8 THC synthetic?

Is Delta 8 THC legal?

A common question that everyone asks: is this Delta 8 stuff even legal in my state? Well, the good news is under the 2018 Farm Bill Delta 8 THC is federally legal, as it does not fit the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substance Act and is organically derived from the legal hemp plant.

Just because something is federally legal though does not mean it is available for purchase nationwide, as some states chose to ban these products under their local and state laws. But don’t worry! We took the time to make a state-by-state breakdown for y’all on whether or not Delta 8 THC is legal in your state! Just click the link below.

Complete State-By-State Breakdown: Is Delta 8 THC legal?

Does Delta 8 THC get you “high?”

Anyone who has taken Delta 9 THC, aka marijuana, surely knows the effects of what consuming that product can do but Delta 8 THC is a whole different story! While it is familiar, Delta 8 THC features less of the strong heady effects and overall less “intoxication,” more of a calming, uplifting sensation.

Need more of an explanation?: Does Delta 8 THC get you “high?”

What is the difference between Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC?

To put it simply, Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are two different compounds both found organically in the hemp plant and while the two compounds are familiar, they have different effects and less potency.

Delta 8 THC is perfect for those who don’t want the complete, sometimes intense, psychoactive effects that can come from consuming Delta 9 THC, aka marijuana. Instead, Delta 8 THC brings its users calming and uplifting effects that affect the brain’s CB receptors differently.

We breakdown the differences deeper: What is the difference between Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC?

What is the difference between CBD and Delta 8 THC?

CBD and Delta 8 THC are just two different compounds found in the hemp plant, that feature different compound structures and exhibit different effects in the body. While CBD has a much more subtle effect on its users and is great for those looking for mild relaxation or enhanced focus, Delta 8 THC features all of that with a more noticeable uplifting feeling of relaxation.

Read more: What is the difference between CBD and Delta 8 THC?

How do I take Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC isn’t just a specific product designed for one way of consumption but instead a compound that can be infused in a variety of Delta 8 THC products, ranging from edibles to topical pain relief items.

We carry a variety of products ranging from delicious Delta 8 THC gummies, sweet Delta 8 THC carts from a strain of our own making, the gold standard of topical pain relief with a Delta 8 THC Roll-On, and of course a variety of tasty Delta 8 THC tinctures, with just a couple drops under your tongue and you’ll be feeling great in no time!

Deep dive into all of the ways to take Delta 8 THC: How do I take Delta 8 THC?

Does Delta 8 THC show up on a drug test?

It is unknown if Delta 8 THC will show up on a drug test looking for marijuana but because we cannot give you a definitive answer, we strongly recommend against using Delta 8 THC if there is a chance you will be drug tested soon, especially in the case of an employment or probationary test.

Need more information?: Does Delta 8 THC show up on a drug test?

How do I buy Delta 8 THC online?

Being that Delta 8 THC is federally legal, cannabis distributors (including ourselves) can legally sell their products through online stores and ship Delta 8 THC right to your front door! In our case, safely and discreetly.

Always do your research before purchasing anything online, as there is a lot of false advertising currently plaguing the industry. Don’t forget to read reviews and ask around!

Step-by-step guide on buying Delta 8 THC online: How do I buy Delta 8 THC online?

Delta 8 THC Day

Other Hemp Holidays To Celebrate

As much as we love celebrating D8 day, that isn’t the only cannabis holiday you can celebrate! Some dates include:
  • April 20 - 4/20
  • June 18 - Jack Herer’s Birthday
  • July 10 - Oils and Concentrates Day
  • August 8 - National CBD Day
  • October 5 - Commemorating the Victims of Prohibition
  • November 6 - Legalization Day
Each holiday is celebrated for a different purpose, but all are rooted in cannabis culture. From cannabis activists to iconic codewords, these dates allow enthusiasts to recognize the journey of this plant and all those who made legalization possible.
So if D8 is a holiday you’d enjoy celebrating, learn about the others and participate in the fun!


delta 8 day crazy lady conclusion

So that pretty much sums it up when it comes to Delta-8 Day.

Delta-8 Day occurs every December 8th (D8), and it's a day dedicated to celebrating Delta-8, spreading awareness of it, and of course, enjoying it.

Because after all, there is National CBD Day, and there's 4/20, aka "National Marijuana Day."

What makes Delta-8 Day special, in particular, is that it's not just the celebration of a cannabinoid but a significant milestone in the history of cannabis in the United States and spreading awareness.

Although still relatively "new" as a product, Delta-8 has made a significant impact on the lives of many people who couldn't before access such cannabis products. It has changed the hemp industry and the way we talk about cannabis.

The rise of Delta-8 has led to other hemp-derived products such as Select Spectrum.

And if you're looking to stock up on Delta-8 or looking for Delta-8 Day deals, look no further than Hometown Hero.

And finally, no matter how you like to take Delta-8, indoors or outdoors, late at night, early in the morning, smoke it, eat it, dab it or drip it, have a happy Delta-8 Day from all of us at Hometown Hero.

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