7 Things That Can Help Ease THC Effects

7 Things That Can Help Ease THC Effects

Sometimes, we overestimate the amount of cannabis we think we need. Whether it is one too many bites of an edible or too many puffs, we’ve all been there.

While overindulging commonly occurs (even to experienced enthusiasts), various techniques can help consumers tone down the experience.

Below, we cover popular strategies to try if your experience feels overwhelming or to simply help break your “high.” But remember, effects vary from person to person, so if one tip isn’t helping, try another.

We’ll go over:

  • Drink a beverage

  • Grab a snack

  • Go for a walk

  • Take a shower

  • Workout

  • Cuddle a pet

  • Watch nostalgic television

Let’s begin!

1. Drink A Beverage

Hydrating is essential in every session, especially if you’re trying to break away from the effects of cannabis. Whether you prefer juice or water, having a cold beverage will turn your attention away from how you’re feeling and help you focus on something else.

Avoid consuming coffee and alcohol during your session. A study found that alcohol can increase the amount of THC that enters your bloodstream, which could boost effects.

2. Grab A Snack

If you find yourself needing something to do, grabbing a snack will add some relief. You want to opt for foods that dance in carbohydrates, as it will make you feel full and start the process of filtering the cannabinoids. We recommend cereal or bread. But if you’d rather choose comfort food, go right ahead.

3. Go For A Walk

If you can’t keep your mind off the effects, it’s time to change the scenery and get some fresh air. Call a friend, take a stroll around the block and take in the world around you. Listen to the birds, watch the trees move with the wind, and place one foot in front of the other. After 10 minutes or so, head inside, and see how you feel.

4. Take A Shower

While showering may feel like the last thing you want to do, it has been known to help enthusiasts to gain some relief. Turn on the shower to your preferred temperature, put on some music, and stand underneath the water until you start to relax.

5. Workout

If your brain is going a million miles an hour, start a workout. Your mind will be focused on completing each rep, and by the time it’s over, you’ll have your exercise finished for the day. Aside from breaking a sweat, the effects may lessen or diminish altogether.

6. Cuddle Your Pet

Our pets are always here for us. And when your experience isn’t enjoyable, grab your dog or cat, and cuddle them. They will gladly receive the extra attention, and you may feel some relief in a few minutes.

7. Watch Nostalgic Television

Do you have a show that you could watch on repeat without getting bored? If so, press play and get comfy. The familiar scenes and characters will keep you focused and steer your mind away from the effects. After a couple of episodes, switch to films, and spend the rest of the day curled up on the couch.


Cannabis is unpredictable, and different strains and consumption methods may create a more acute experience.

If that occurs, just know that these effects are temporary and will dissipate over time.

So hang tight, and try the techniques above to mellow the effects out. And if none of them seem to work, there’s nothing wrong with throwing in the towel and taking a well-deserving slumber.

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