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Elevate your mood and explore new horizons with our Mood HHC Gummies. This THC alternative uplifts your spirits and brings a new level of enjoyment to your cannabis experience with 50mg in each piece.
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Mood HHC Gummies
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What Are HHC Gummies? 

HHC gummies are soft, chewy, sweet edibles that feature a cannabinoid called hexahydrocannabinol or "HHC." HHC is a cannabinoid that can be found naturally in hemp. It is neither CBD nor THC. However, it does have similar properties on a chemical level and effect to THC. 

Sometimes an HHC gummy will be made by "dripping" distillate onto a gummy already made. But higher-quality HHC gummies such as ours will be infused with HHC while it's being prepared to ensure consistency and flavor. These are known as HHC-infused gummies. 

Do HHC Gummies Get You "High?" 

Some enthusiasts have reported feeling uplifted, energized, euphoric, and relaxed while enjoying HHC. However, cannabinoids affect everyone a bit differently. You shouldn't operate a motor vehicle after consuming HHC gummies. 

HHC Gummies Benefits

The main benefit to HHC is that you can buy it online because HHC is a hemp-derived cannabinoid. Hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal on a federal level which means that they can be shipped over state lines, and most credit card/banking institutions will allow you to purchase such products with their cards. 

HHC Gummies Effects

You may have seen HHC gummies for sale but are unsure about their effects. Effects may vary, but many enthusiasts have reported feeling euphoric, relaxed, and even energized with HHC. 

When considering HHC gummies, or just any edibles in general, what should be known is that there's a slower onset of effects but a longer duration. Plus, the effects are more pronounced than with other methods such as inhalation. 

Are HHC Gummies Legal? 

HHC gummies are legal on a federal level because they are legally considered to be hemp. Hemp is merely cannabis with a 0.3% or lower concentration of Delta-9 THC by dry weight. However, on a state level, the legality of HHC gummies will vary. Before you look to buy HHC gummies, you should check with your local government to see if HHC and similar hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal in your state.

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