Boulder Rock E-Cigarette Pod System


Simplicity and satisfaction perfectly shaped to fit in your hand or pocket.

Intuitive and simple, the Boulder Rock vape pen is ultra-portable and ensures you can enjoy your favorite e-liquids with ease.

Fill with Hometown Hero Salted or any nicotine salt e-juice of your choice. Filling a pod device with your own e-liquid is far more cost effective than buying disposable pods.

Get your Boulder Rock refillable pods here

Key Features

  • Uses refillable pods
  • Single empty pod included with device
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Quick charging 360 mAh battery
  • High quality food grade steel construction
  • Easy three-press operation
  • Convenient USB port for quick charging


Convenient: USB port quick charging. The Boulder Rock uses a standard USB port for recharging, charge anywhere without the need for a cable or charger.


Quick Charging: 360 mAh 8 hour battery charges in 45 minutes. High Quality battery retains 80% of its’ capacity after 300 charge cycles.


Refilling: Easy to refill. Replaceable refillable pods. Insert nozzle of e-liquid bottle a short way into the refilling port and gently squeeze until full. Purchase refillable pods, here


Portable: The Boulder Rock fits easily into a pocket, purse or briefcase. With three press On / Off functionality you can be confident that it will not activate unexpectedly.


Don't forget to grab some extra Empty refillable Pods for your Boulder Rock.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Pamela King
Strong pull

I’m not used to such a strong hit so had to learn to adjust. It’s a little messy to fill. I wish the applicator tip was smaller and fit in the hole better. Other than that it’s all good!

Traci M
Great system for those times that lugging a big sub-ohm is a drag

I'm so glad that I decided to order a Boulder Rock from HTH! I've been thinking about getting a little pod system for a while, but didn't want to risk wasting money on a device I might not like. HTH has always had such great service and high quality products that I took the leap. This little thing is amazing! It delivers great flavor in a discrete device that NEVER leaks, spits or gives you a mouthful of oil. I liked mine so much that I ordered two more for my husband and son.

Sita Rainbow
Excellent, easy to maintain, no cleaning required :)

These are great pods, well worth the small investment. I used the regular mods for years, but these are so much better & quite easy to use, inexpensive to maintain.

Forrest Watkins

Easy to feel very smooth hit

Solution to filling pod

Use a pair of needle nose pliers and just squeeze the tip of your juice applicator flat and it will fit inside pod better, or it did for me! Now if I can figure out how to not lose the tiny plug🤔

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