WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
  • Silicone Pipe

Silicone Pipe


Expensive blown glass pieces are clunky, fragile and out of style. For one tenth the price you can get a cool pipe that's nearly indestructible and way easier to clean. Finally, a pipe you can "accidentally" dropkick off the balcony without breaking.  I'd get a few extra glass bowls just in case though. At only fifteen bucks, you may as well get all three colors!

• Platinum cured silicone body
• Inlaid Borosilicate Glass Bowl (replaceable)
• Indestructible silicone honeycomb spoon
• Hidden stash compartment
• Alloy cleaning scraper
• 3 tricolor options
• Side carb
• 4” long

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It is awesome

I love the silicone pipe! Never thought I would. It doesn't get hot in your hand which is cool. Love hometown heros products!

Amazingly Shocked !!!

Wow I being a smoker of 20 plus years was very skeptical of a "rubber pipe lol" but I was getting some of my first CBD FLOWER I ever tired and just wanted something that was clean and didn't have anything to mess with my experience. So my smoke shop " Vapor98N" had these crazy looking pipes sitting there the price was great so I guess I decided it was worth a try, and I have to say I was extremely surprised I love this little smoker 😍 it truly is unbreakable there is enough room in the secret stash compartment to keep anyone happy for hrs. So this old timer lol (not that old) smoker was impressed both by this great little pipe, and the entire CBD experience this company really has a great thing going keep it up and you'll have my business for life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 👍👍👍👍👍 " give it a whirl and I'll bet you come back over n over "

Silicone rocks

Doesnt break...

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