WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


*Only valid for NEW CUSTOMERS*

Rather than telling you how great we are, why don't we send you a bottle of anything we make so you can see for yourself? 

To redeem your bottle of e-juice, enter your email and select from any of our current 30 flavors using the drop-down menu.

After submitting, you will receive an email within 5–10 minutes. If you can't find the email, search your spam/promotions folder for sam@hometownhero.com. Once you find it, move it into your inbox. 

For your convenience, I've included a list of flavor descriptions below.

  • Angel Tears: (fruit) Tiger's Blood snow cone (watermelon, coconut & berries)
  • Angel's Breath: (fruit/menthol) Icy cool version of Angel Tears
  • Ambrosia: (fruit) Melon, berries, & citrus
  • Crunchy: (cereal/dessert) Buttery marshmallow squares
  • Legend: (dessert/fruit) Banana, rum & cream
  • Red Dream: (dessert/fruit) Strawberry cream kettle corn
  • Sun Drops: (fruit) Passion fruit sweet tea
  • Wild Buffalo: (dessert/beverage) Root beer float
  • Why So Cereal: (cereal/fruit) Crunchy raspberry cereal & milk
  • Witch Doctor: (tobacco/dessert) Premium sweet tobacco blend
SALTED nic salt e-liquid specially formulated for pod systems
  • SALTED Mango Paradise: (fruit) Sweet, Ripe Mango
  • SALTED Miami Vice: (fruit/beverage) Strawberry Daiquiri Pina Colada
  • SALTED Angel Tears: (fruit) Tiger's Blood Snow cone (watermelon, coconut & berries)
  • SALTED Angel's Breath: (fruit/menthol) Icy cool version of Angel Tears
  • SALTED Ambrosia: (fruit) Melon, berries, & citrus
  • SALTED Red Dream: (dessert/fruit) Strawberry cream kettle corn
  • SALTED Witch Doctor: (tobacco/dessert) Premium sweet tobacco blend
  • SALTED Turbo: (fruit/beverage) Strawberry margarita
  • SALTED Neon: (fruit/menthol) Frozen peach rings
  • SALTED Ultra: (dessert) Sticky buns & vanilla ice cream
  • Turbo: (fruit/beverage) Strawberry margarita
  • Neon: (fruit/menthol) Frozen peach rings
  • Ultra: (dessert) Sticky buns & vanilla ice cream
  • Abyss: (fruit) Sea salted grilled pineapple
  • Fathom: (fruit) Sea salted strawberry mango
  • Depths: (dessert) Sea salted caramel custard
  • Apple Cream Custard: (dessert/fruit) Baked Fuji apples and creamy custard
  • Sweet Lemon Bar: (dessert/fruit) Dusted gooey & crumbly lemon bar
  • Strawberry Cream Cupcake : (dessert/fruit) Strawberry watermelon cupcake frosting
  • Watermelon Crush: (fruit/candy) Watermelon hard candy
  • Strawberry Punch: (fruit/candy) Strawberry hard candy
  • Lemon Blast: (fruit/candy) Sweet lemon drops



Are we really just sending out full-sized bottles all willy-nilly?

Yes. We want you to know about us, enjoy our products, and be your one stop shop for everything vape. So we'd like to send you a full sized bottle (that retails around $15-$25). We are legally required to charge something, so we charge a penny, plus you have to pay to ship. Shipping one bottle anywhere in the US almost always comes out to ~$3.80 minus tax. 

*Only valid for NEW CUSTOMERS*