Top 3 Hemp THC Products For Daily Use

Top 3 Hemp THC Products For Daily Use

Hemp enthusiasts have a wide variety of preferences and needs.  Some partake on the weekends, some here and there on weeknights, and others consume it daily by the necessity for relief (or, you know, just because).

In this blog post, we will talk about the top 3 daily use hemp THC products.

Two of them are Delta-8 products, and if you can't get Delta-8 in your state or prefer hemp-derived Delta-9, we have one item on this list for you. 

But first, let's get into the criteria for why we picked these products.

Selection Criteria

So what makes a good daily use product? Well, it is technically possible to take a product every day.

But here are the criteria for this particular selection:

  1. The package must last 30 days if consumed at one unit per day, undivided.

  2. Each unit must have at least 10mg of hemp-derived THC.

  3. The daily cost cannot exceed $3.00 with a subscription.

  4. The product has to be discreet (no smoke, vapor, or strong scent).

  5. The product doesn't require any accessories.

Let's begin.

Delta-8 Capsules

Units Per Package: 30

  • Cost Per Day: $1.30
  • Cost Per Day w/ Monthly Subscription: $1.11
  • Cannabinoids Per Unit: 15mg Delta-8

If you're used to taking daily vitamins or supplements, you'll feel at home with Delta-8 Capsules (not implying any health benefits, just a similar format for consumption, that's it).

Our Delta-8 Capsules are tiny gel pellets containing nothing but Delta-8 distillate, MCT oil, gelatin, glycerin, and water. They come in small bottles with 30 capsules per bottle. 


Discreetness and ease of consumption are some of the biggest strengths of our Delta-8 Capsules.

If you or the person you're buying them for has trouble chewing, it's not a problem as all one needs to do is place them in their mouth, sip a liquid, and swallow.

Packaging is also a significant advantage to this product as it comes in a tiny plastic bottle.

It's great for traveling since you can toss it in your bag without thinking twice about taking up too much space.


Now Delta-8 Capsules are a great product, but here are some things worth noting to help you decide if it's a better fit.

The first thing is that you cannot divvy these up into smaller pieces.

They are capsules. If you try to cut it in half or a quarter, it's...going to get messy.

The second consideration is travel. As of this writing (8/1/2022), Delta-8 and other hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal on a federal level.

The federal government regulates airspace, so you're all clear to fly as long as the airline permits it. 

However, Delta-8 is illegal in some states. 

Be sure to check in with state laws to make sure you're in the clear for when the plane lands.

Delta-8 Tinctures

Units Per Package: 30

  • Cost Per Day: $1.60 (600mg bottle)/ $3.00 (1,200mg bottle)
  • Cost Per Day w/ Monthly Subscription: $1.36 (600mg bottle)/ $2.85 (1,200mg)
  • Cannabinoids Per Unit: 20mg Delta-8 per ml (600mg bottle)/ 40mg Delta-8 per ml (1,200mg bottle)

Regarding ease of use, it doesn't get any easier than our Delta-8 Tinctures. Capsules are easy to take, but a liquid?

 It can't get any simpler than this. 

You can add the tincture to something or drip it into your mouth.

Our Delta-8 Tinctures come in three flavors:

Plus, they come in 600mg and 1,200mg options for each flavor. That could mean 20mg Delta-8 per one milliliter or 40mg per one milliliter. And 30ml of liquid per bottle can give you 1ml per day.


Delta-8 Tinctures are seriously one of the most underrated products.

The significant advantage is that you can get a faster onset of effects through sublingual administration (a fancy word for dripping some liquid underneath your tongue and letting it chill there for a bit).

That's because, in short, tinctures can deliver cannabinoids directly to your bloodstream through the tissue lining your mouth.

For more acute and longer-lasting effects, you can add the tincture to liquid or solid, and it becomes an edible at that point.

So basically, you're getting two products in one with a tincture.

Plus, you're not limited to a set daily amount with the dropper.

1ml is the maximum you can take daily for 30 days, but if a lower quantity of Delta-8 gets you to where you need to go, this product can last you easily over a month. 

And finally, it comes down to the packaging.

Like the Delta-8 Capsules, our Delta-8 Tinctures come in small, compact, discreet packaging.

You can throw it in your bag without thinking twice about taking up space.


We can't say enough how much of a "hidden gem" Delta-8 Tinctures are.

But there are some things worth considering.

The first is like the Delta-8 Capsules, which is that not every state allows for Delta-8.

So you might be good if you hop on a plane, but it might be different when you reach your destination. Again, just know the laws of where you're flying to.

Another consideration, which isn't too much of an inherent "problem," is that tinctures are liquids.

If you throw a bottle of capsules in your bag, and the lid isn't on, you'll just be scooping up little gel tablets.

However, if you don't tighten the lid on a tincture and travel with it, things will get messy. 

Again, this isn't an inherent issue but something to be aware of and easily avoided. 

Delta-9 Live Rosin Taffy

Units Per Package: 30

  • Cost Per Unit: $3.00
  • Cost Per Unit w/ Subscription: $2.55

  • Cannabinoids Per Unit: 15mg THC (≤0.3%, hemp)

And finally, our number one pick for the best daily use product is our Delta-9 Live Rosin Taffy.

Our Live Rosin Taffies are the soft, mellow seaside sweets you love handcrafted with an authentic recipe from 1914 (with hemp THC and live rosin added, of course).

These candies come with three hemp-derived terpene profiles, with three flavors, in four options, including:


Well, there are numerous advantages to our Delta-9 Salt Water Taffies.

The first?

As of this writing, they're legal in all 50 states.

You don't have to think twice if you're going anywhere between Maine and Alaska (plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico) to bring these edibles.

The second?

The terpene profiles come from the live rosin, allowing you to choose indicas, sativas, and hybrids.

Effects can vary, but many hemp enthusiasts prefer indicas at night and sativas during the day, while hybrids are good for a little bit of both. 

Again, these are all personal preferences, and effects can vary from person to person. 

However, if you are someone who only takes hemp THC at night, you can pick up a 30-day supply of indica with this product.

Another advantage to our Live Rosin Taffies is that they're individually wrapped. 

If you want to take a few with you somewhere but don't want to bring the entire bag, you can easily throw some in your bag or pocket.

Plus, if you're flying out to somewhere in the U.S. for a few days, you don't have to take the entire bag either. Just check in with the airline and throw 3 or 4 or how many need in a clear, resealable bag.

And finally, you can cut up the taffy into smaller pieces. 

It may be a bit stickier than a gummy, but it can be done, and make sure you keep the wrapper to seal it up again to save for later.


The most important thing to look out for with taffy is the temperature.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always keep edibles and tinctures away from heat.

Cannabinoids will break down with prolonged exposure to warm temperatures.

The only time you should be heating cannabinoids is if you're cooking with them or, of course, smoking them.

Like all the other considerations mentioned in this blog post, it's not a big deal.

However, it's hot out, carrying taffy around in your bag or pocket isn't the best idea(whether it has THC or not).

But that's a small consideration, if anything.

 If you are spending time outdoors in warm weather and enjoying some hemp-derived THC, chances are you or someone you're with has a cooler.


So are these the absolute best products for daily use ever?

They could be. After all, everyone has their preferences.

We made this selection based on specific criteriaBut if one-third of a Live Rosin Gummy daily gives you the results you need, you've got a month's supply in one bag.  

When it comes to hemp-derived cannabinoids, there is no one correct answer. It all comes down to what fits you.  

In 2021, the average price for plain, black coffee in the U.S. was $2.70.

But with a subscription, you can have a 15mg hemp THC for $2.55 daily.

A THC edible costing less than a daily coffee out?

Oh, what a time to be alive.

Your Thoughts

Well, that's just about it for this blog post.

But we want to hear your thoughts about it.

Is there something you thought should have made this list?

What's your go-to for daily enjoyment?

Have any cool daily use tips you want to share with other enthusiasts?

Let us know in the comment section below! 

And one last note.

If you have a favorite daily product that you keep ordering and ordering again, you can subscribe to save 15% off every order (and never have to stress about running low again).

Well, that's it, until next time!

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