Rock Pod + Artist Series Salted

E-juice: Angel Tears
Nicotine: 30mg

Boulder Rock Pod System + Artist Series Salted eJuice

Amazing pod device with the amazing Artist Series Salted ejuice

The original Artist Series Salted ejuice pairs perfectly with the Boulder Rock pod system for amazing clouds of delicious flavors! Choose your favorite Artist Series Salted ejuice and get set up with a pod system that is perfect for on the go.  Pick this bundle up today and find out why the Boulder Rock pod system and Artist Series Salted ejuice is the perfect pairing!

Choose between these Artist Series Salted ejuice flavors:

  • Red Dream Salted - strawberries and cream with kettle corn
  • Witch Doctor Salted - sweet chocolate tobacco
  • Angel Tears Salted - strawberry, watermelon, and coconut
  • Angel’s Breath Salted - frozen version of Angel Tears
  • Ambrosia Salted - melon, berries, and key lime

The Boulder Rock pod system’s key features:

  • Refillable tank. Easy to fill with the ejuice of your choice!
  • Compact, ergonomic design, lightweight, and pocket friendly!
  • Quick charge with built-in USB that only takes 45 minutes!
  • High quality, food-grade steel construction!
  • Easy operate. Just 3 click of the button and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget to grab some extra empty Boulder Refillable Pods for your new Boulder Rock! This bundle comes with one but it’s always nice to have more :)

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Artificial and/or Natural Flavors. May Contain Nicotine

All Hometown Hero products are handmade in the USA.  Every purchase supports our donation efforts to the DAV (Disabled American Veterans charity) that Hometown Hero makes every year.  Giving back is a HUGE part of why we do this!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Amber B. (Orlando, US)

I wanted to wait til I had given the Boulder Rock 3 full days of exclusive use before posting a review for it. Needless to say, I'm puffing away on it as I write this, so I'm extremely happy with it! I purchased this device for 2 reasons, 1st: This company is freakin AWESOME, and after experiencing UNSURPASSED customer care & appreciation, I knew they'd never offer anything to their customers that wasn't top-notch! 2nd: I was hoping it would be a great replacement for my JUUL devices (plural because the battery life on JUUL devices suck). I'd been using the OVNS refillable pods with my JUUL, but was bummed by how quickly those needed replacing, and was still having some leakage & spitback issues with them. The Boulder Rock was/is the solution to all my "JUUL qualms"! Although it doesn't hit quite as hard as JUUL, as a transitioning smoker (5'3", 110lb female who was smoking almost 2 packs a day- YIKES!), I can still attest that the hit is satisfying, with an equally satisfying cloud! The features on this device are excellent- Super convenient on/off feature, and no separate, easy-to-lose, USB charger; it IS it's own charger! Indicator light flashes to let you know the device needs charging; light remains on to indicate that it IS charging, then turns off to let you know charging is complete. The battery life is OUTSTANDING, with fast recharge too! Does have a bit of a whistle on the inhale, but this hasn't been bothersome to me, especially since the pods are very high quality & hold WAY more juice than a JUUL pod. For me, the Boulder Rock trumps JUUL hands-down, my ONLY wish would be for a slightly harder hit, but this is merely personal preference, as one (wo)man's "lighter hit" could be another's "perfect". All in all though, it's smooth & satisfying and I haven't had any issues filling the pods either. True, the refilling port is quite narrow, but placing the nozzle of my juice bottle directly on top of the opening & squeezing gently has worked just fine- no spills, no mess! I've been so happy with the Boulder Rock, I've already recommended it to others & one of my husband's friends just bought this device for himself from Hometown Hero yesterday! I purchased mine with HH's Witch Doctor salt nic and can't wait to try that next! So far, I've only used it with HH's Ultra salted, as I wanted to see how the taste would compare with the JUUL I was previously using to enjoy this delicious salt nic with... The verdict: Same exceptional flavor! Honestly, I can't recommend this device or this company enough! They have treated me with the most EXCEPTIONAL care, kindness & generosity of ANY company I have ever done business with (Not even joking!)... Hometown Hero, it has been an absolute honor doing business with you & I cannot thank you enough for how above & beyond you have gone for me!!! You're stuck with me & my long-winded reviews lol!

Kimberly W. (Yulee, US)
This product is 100% the best on the market for a sweet flavored juice.

This is the only juice I can vape after trying it. Its not to thick and doesn't wear your coil out like other sweet juices will. I highly recommend if you have a sweet tooth for vape juice.

charles b. (Seattle, US)
Not much flavor

Thought id try the Rock Pod. Not getting much flavor so far. Maybe im doing it wrong?

William T. (Arlington, US)
Angel's Breathe + Rock Pod

Might be the best pod structure I've seen thus far. Allows you to see the actual wick and condition of the coil itself. If left under proper temperatures it doesn't leak and it hits consistently thus far in (4-5 days). I also love the Hometown juice, high quality that doesn't gunk your coils. I'll be buying again in the near future. Boulder is a top notch company and so is HtwH.

Michael S. (McDonough, US)
This Boulder Rocks!!

After many years of vaping with sub-ohm tanks & box mods, I finally decided to try a pod system. Being a big fan of Hometown Hero, I was pleased to find the Boulder Rock Pod available, bundled with my favorite e-juice, “Witch Doctor”. I was accustomed to vaping the regular Witch Doctor juice with 9 mg nicotine. Having never used salted juice before, I took advantage of Hometown Hero’s online chat feature and received all the info I needed before ordering. I chose the 50 mg strength and was blown away by the flavor! Also being an occasional cigar smoker, I found Witch Doctor in the Rock Pod similar to enjoying a really good cigar! This is a “rock solid” inexpensive, more portable vaping alternate for those discrete moments on the go!

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