Boulder 2 Pack Refillable Pods



2-pack of empty pods for the Boulder Rock E-Cigarette. Compatible with the Boulder Rock only.

Fill with Hometown Hero Salted, or nicotine salt e-liquid of your choice. Filling your pod device with your own e-liquid is far more cost effective than buying disposable pods.

To fill, simply insert the nozzle of your bottle of e-liquid a short way into the refilling port found on the bottom of the pod and gently squeeze until full.

Note: After filling, allow to sit for 3-5 minutes before vaping to allow the e-liquid to absorb fully.

Customer Reviews

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Coils burn quick

Lately the coil has been burning really quick. I can get maybe 2 days until I have to switch it out.

Pod size

So does anyone actually know how much the Boulder refillable pods hold?
Just ordered Bolder device and refill pods, tired of not finding what I need with other companies, but know I can definitely depend on Hometown Heroes for products!!! Best customer support and products are excellent!

Hi Delores! The Boulder refillable pods hold 1.5ml of e-liquid. If you have any other questions, just reach back out to me! Thank you for being a Hometown Hero Customer! - Isaiah

Boulder pods

Love my boulder!! ❤️


I love everything about Hometown Hero EXCEPT the way things are shipped. I've asked more than once for my orders to be sent via bubble mailer instead of boxes because USPS won't deliver them in my mailbox, which makes me have to go to the post office for pick up. But I've been ignored. VERY INCONVENIENT. If things don't change, I'll have to take my business elsewhere, and I really hate that.

Hi Louis! I do apologize about this issue and unfortunately it seems to be the first time we've been made aware of this. No problem though, we went ahead and made some changes to help ensure your future orders are accommodated with your special request. I do apologize again, but thank you for choosing Hometown Hero! - Sam

Energizer Bunny of Pods!

It's INSANE how long these pods last! Their longevity compared to the OVNS pods I was using previously is NO comparison, and they hold considerably more juice too! I noticed when the pod was new (first fill), airflow had a bit of a whistle to it on the inhale, but as you continue to use it, that diminishes exponentially. It was never bothersome for me though. Really REALLY love the SMOOTH, satisfying MTL hit these produce, and the shape of the mouthpiece delivers a very pleasurable oral-sensory experience that individuals transitioning from cigarettes crave. I'm still on my first pod from the refill pack I ordered (at least a week now), and coil & cotton are still looking great & show no sign of needing to be replaced anytime soon (Could also be HH's juices though too- the juices I have from HH are so nice to my coils!). Here's the ONLY issue I've found with these pods, which is a very minor one... When the pod is brand new, filling it up with your juice of choice is effortless. However, subsequent fills can pose a little more challenging. Seems once the wick gets saturated, it produces air pressure where if you're not careful, instead of flowing into the pod, the juice can get backed-up & spill out over the sides. What I've found to remedy this is to wait to refill the pod until it's almost empty. Obviously not completely empty to where you risk burning out your coil, but the least juice in the pod, the better. Then, just tilt the pod as you refill it, and it should flow right in, no problem.... If you've ever seen "Beerfest", think "das boot!" during this part & you'll know what I'm talking about (it's a trapped air thing)! In a nutshell, these pods are aces in my book!! Longevity & capacity are stellar, hits are satisfying & smooth, and I've yet to experience ANY common issues that I've had with other pods, such as spitback or leaking. The excellent price factored with how lasting & durable they are make them a steal! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the Boulder Rock System! Oh! And the taste is outstanding too!!! Didn't realize how much flavor I was missing out on until I switched to these pods & the Boulder Rock device! Did a side-by-side hit last night with my Boulder Rock & my old device & WOAH- What a noticeable difference! Another big difference is the cloud produced... I'm not a cloud chaser myself, but do enjoy a healthy vapor output. I can get some pretty impressive clouds with these pods/device, which is just as impressive for MTL vaping! I'm extremely happy with these pods & the Boulder Rock!

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