Witch Doctor

Nicotine: 3mg
Size: 100ml

Witch Doctor eJuice

Sweet chocolate and premium rich tobacco.

Deliciously sweet chocolate paired with amazingly rich and smooth tobacco that has tobacco snobs and people who don’t normally enjoy tobacco flavors alike head over heals!  Witch Doctor is Hometown Hero’s 3rd best-selling ejuice of all time for a reason. When you first open the bottle, you have the rich chocolatey tobacco smell wash over you, and in a single puff, you’ll understand why everyone is in love with this flavor! If you’re looking for an ejuice flavor that is cloying enough to satisfy your sweet tooth but rich enough to have you coming back for more, Witch Doctor is for you! Pick up a bottle today and find out what makes this ejuice such an amazing flavor!

  • Made with top-quality ingredients that you’ll taste in every puff!
  • 70/30 VG/PG ratio perfect for tanks and RDAs!
  • Made with EU quality nicotine (higher standards than USA) for a pure experience!
  • Hand made in the USA under stringent cleanroom standards so you rest assured the juice you’re getting is clean and free of contaminants!

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Artificial and/or Natural Flavors. May Contain Nicotine

All Hometown Hero products are handmade in the USA.  Every purchase supports our donation efforts to the DAV (Disabled American Veterans charity) that Hometown Hero makes every year.  Giving back is a HUGE part of why we do this!

Customer Reviews

Based on 226 reviews
One of my favorites.

I have tried laser wolf sticky buns one before. That one is great except I think the darker color or something kills the coil quickly. One bottle of either of them, the sticky buns or voodoo one lasts a full month. However, with the voodoo I can keep a coil going all month long, with sticky buns the coil goes for two weeks before requiring replacement. So, I guess you can say this review is for two products at the same time. 5 stars for voodoo for flavor and longevity, 4 stars for sticky buns. Great flavor, however, kills a coil rather quickly.

Five Star

Awesome chocolate/tobacco flavor. THE BEST JUICE! Well done.

First time, lifetime customer

I will be buying this juice until the day I stop vaping. But damn does it make me never want to. Closest thing to tobacco flavor I’ve ever had in a juice and goes great with a cup of coffee!

love it

this is a good blend reminds me of a hand
rolled cigar I liked called back woods will buy again

Favorite tobacco flavored commercial e-juice I have ever tried

I would recommend trying this e-juice even to people who aren't fans of tobacco flavored e-juices which I would rarely say especially if a company labels it as such. This is one of the few e-juices I will still go out of my way to buy from time to time after primarily switching to DIY for financial reasons and enjoyment of experimenting primarily. I love the company and as long as they keep making Depths and this I will for sure remain a customer. That said please consider releasing a line of one shots for those of us who like to DIY and would like to be able to make different nic levels or types to what you offer. I would order way more often if you did carry one shots and I would buy a ton of them.

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