Red Dream: The Savory Strawberry Cream

NOTE: One of our customers contacted us a few weeks ago raving about Red Dream. He asked us if we would let him write an article about the flavor and we said yes. The following is what he wrote for us.


If you haven’t tried Hometown Hero Red Dream you will have wasted your life... The biggest regret you'll ever have is not trying Red Dream by Hometown Hero Vapor. And when you finally do try it, which you need to, you’ll regret not having vaped this ejuice sooner. Bold statement, I know. But any vaper who has vaped Red Dream will agree with it because It’s true.


Red Dream is an ejuice unlike any other on the market (an ejuice and vaping market saturated with the same old boring and bland flavors).  Red Dream e juice is deliciously unique, setting itself apart from every other unoriginal strawberry ejuice flop. Most strawberry ejuice on the market these days all taste exactly the same, flat and boring. Hometown Hero has done something special with the strawberry flavors in Red Dream. The strawberry is robust and well rounded. The notes are crisp, clean, and refreshing which adds a new dimension to ejuice that no other strawberry eliquid has. It’s like picking a plump juicy strawberry from the plant, sprinkling it lightly with sugar, and taking a big bite. Best strawberry ejuice EVER.


Hometown Hero Vapor's Red Dream - Combining Sweet & Savory

And now, the ‘kettle corn’... Let me tell you about the kettle corn. When I saw Red Dream’s flavor profile I thought, “ A strawberry kettle corn flavored e juice? This will be one hell of interesting vape. I didn't know how I felt about an e liquid having a kettle corn flavor and didn't think I’d enjoy vaping it. But the kettle corn shines through in the e juice, but not at all in the way I expected it to. Hometown Hero Vapor's Red Dream has this beautifully rich, creamy, delicious, and almost unexplainable awesomeness that blends perfectly with that ripe and ever-so-slightly sweet strawberry that creates this heavenly juice. It’s a dessert e juice, but not really. It's a strawberry custard ejuice, but not exactly. Its a bakery eliquid with scrumptious strawberry, but not quite. Somehow, Hometown Hero’s Red Dream Ejuice is a blend of everything I love in an Ejuice, all of my favorite eliquid flavor profiles. Somehow, this ejuice has this faint note of actual kettle corn. That sweet and salty deliciousness. Red Dream is an ejuice that somehow captures the essence of sweet and salty, producing one of the best ejuices I have ever vaped. Hands Down.


You just need to try this ejuice, PERIOD! It's a difficult ejuice flavor profile to explain and I definitely didn't do it justice, Red Dream by Hometown Hero Vapor is one of the bests.  If you're someone who likes strawberry vapes, bakery vapes, unique vapes, custard ejuice, complex e juice, creams, or desserts, this is a must try ejuice for you. And in the rare chance you are one of the very few who don't like it, your vaping friends will. Do them a favor and give it to them, it will be their new favorite ejuice.

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