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Due to recent changes in PMTA guidelines, many ejuice companies are now either gone for good (like our friends over at VapeWild ejuice) or having to limit their product lines, like we unfortunately having to do by getting rid of our JUST and GOLD ejuice series.

It is with a heavy heart we announce the discontinuation of the JUST ejuice series, as it featured some of our Hometown Hero classics like Strawberry Punch, Watermelon Crush, and of course Lemon Blast! If you have a bottle of any of those, we recommend you use it sparingly because you have in your possession one of the LAST bottles on the planet.

Did the discontinuation of the JUST eJuice series leave a vape juice sized bottle hole in your heart? In this article, we got you covered with some other Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives to the near extinct JUST line, with the same great quality and service you have come to expect from us!

What is an alternative to Hometown Hero’s Strawberry Punch ejuice?

JUST Strawberry Punch Vape Juice

A fan favorite from our JUST eJuice series, Strawberry Punch was developed by jamming one million unimaginably small, ripe strawberries into a sweet ejuice that really did pack quite a punch. So if a Strawberry flavored ejuice is what you are looking for then can we suggest our #1 selling ejuice, Red Dream?




Red Dream Vape Juice Hometown Hero

Red Dream is a truly one of a kind ejuice, with an odd mix of flavor profiles that might sound strange at first, but we can almost guarantee you that you’ll love it, because again it is our best selling flavor of all time. Red Dream’s taste comes from an oddly perfect mix of fresh strawberries, luscious cream, and savory-sweet kettle corn. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

What is an alternative to Hometown Hero’s Watermelon Crush ejuice?

JUST Watermelon Crush Vape Juice

Who doesn’t love watermelon? Like seriously? Everyone has those childhood memories of destroying a ripe watermelon slice by the pool, or stealing some watermelon hard candy from your grandmas candy jar, making it arguably one of the best fruits out there. We took those feelings, bottled them up together for any watermelon loving vaper to enjoy and boom, we had Watermelon Crush! Even though it might be gone, we do have another vape juice just as fruity and refreshing, the delicious Ambrosia ejuice.

Ambrosia Vape Juice Hometown Hero

Ambrosia is expertly mixed with ripe melons, sweet berries, with a citrus background to create an ejuice similar in taste to a luscious fruit salad (yummy yummy - if you get that reference, congrats you had a childhood). Perfect for those summer barbeques or a nice poolside vape session!




What is an alternative to Hometown Hero’s Lemon Blast ejuice?

JUST Lemon Blast Vape Juice

When we created Lemon Blast, we sought out to make something so sweet and tangy that our customers lips would never be unpuckered when vaping this gold vape juice with a flavor profile similar akin to that of lemon sorbet or a delicious frozen lemonade. This ejuice partnered with a nice, cold sweat tea on a hot day will be sorely missed, but luckily we have another ejuice that could easily fill that void, our delicious Sun Drops ejuice!


Sun Drops Vape Juice Hometown Hero

With an amazing blend of fresh passion fruit and ice cold southern sweet tea, every puff of Sun Drops ejuice will instantly transport you to your favorite tropical island with its refreshing and balanced flavor profile!

Even with the JUST eJuice Series saying sayonara from our shelves, we couldn’t be more thankful for the years of love that vape juice spread and the fact that we are still in the position to keep spreading that love with other Hometown Hero’s ejuices!

You can still count on us to provide not only premium ejuice but top notch customer service and of course our continued work with disabled veterans, no matter what new government regulations might come our way!

As always, if you have any questions, do not be afraid to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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