What happened to the GOLD eJuice line?

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that the GOLD eJuice series has been discontinued and we will no longer be selling any of that line, including the likes of Sweet Lemon Bar, Straw-Melon Cupcake and of course, Apple Cream Custard. Fair warning, if you’re still holding onto a bottle of any of those, you better be a bit more conservative with using that ejuice, because any bottles of GOLD can almost now be considered an endangered species.

Gold eJuice Line

This decision was not an easy one to make, as we loved our GOLD eJuice series just as much as y’all did, but with new PMTA guidelines, we had to be strategic in choosing which eJuices we will continue to sell. In this article, we are gonna be suggesting some Hometown Hero ejuice alternatives to our discontinued eJuice line.

What is an alternative to Hometown Hero’s Sweet Lemon Bar ejuice?

Gold Sweet Lemon Bar eJuice Stylized Photo

For those of you who didn’t know, we created our GOLD Sweet Lemon Bar ejuice as our very own take on the famous lemon bar dessert, and the result was a sweet as candy lemon taste with a touch of savory desert on the finish. If you loved GOLD’s Sweet Lemon Bar, then you will love our Ultra eJuice!

Lazer Wolf Ultra eJuice

Instead of being inspired by a dessert like lemon bar, for Lazer Wolf Ultra we were inspired by those fresh, sweet cinnamon rolls topped with some melted icing that we remembered fondly from breakfast at our grandma's house and then added a little vanilla bean ice cream on the finish for good measure. Sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

What is an alternative to Hometown Hero’s Straw-Melon Cupcake ejuice?

GOLD Straw-Melon Cupcake Stylized Photo

There are some vapers who love dessert vapes, and some who love fruity vapes, with our Straw-Melon Cupcake ejuice we successfully mixed both. With the taste of ripe strawberries and watermelons infused with the delicious taste of a cupcake, Straw-Melon Cupcake ejuice was an extremely satisfying eliquid experience that we will surely miss.

Artist Series Angel Tears eJuice 100ml and 60ml bottle

Do you miss our GOLD Straw-Melon Cupcake as much as we do? Can we suggest you try out the Artist Series Angel Tears?

It might not be a cupcake, but a snowcone is a good second choice, right? When crafting Angel Tears we were inspired by everyone’s favorite snowcone flavor, Tiger’s Blood! With every puff you’ll be transported to those hot summer days with a mixture of juicy watermelon, strawberries with some mild undertones of coconut.

What is an alternative to Hometown Hero’s Apple Cream Custard ejuice?

Gold Apple Cream Custard eJuice

Who doesn’t love creamy custard? Who doesn’t love Fiji Apples? We know a bunch of dedicated vapers loved our GOLD Apple Cream Custard eJuice, and trust us we did too. Even though it might not be on our shelves anymore, Apple Cream Custard will always have a special spot in our hearts, but our Depths eJuice might be a great second choice.

Leviathan Depths eJuice

As far as dessert vapes go, you can’t get much better than Leviathan Depths! We brought the experience of a 5-star restaurants dessert, and shoved it all in a bottle of ejuice for your vaping pleasure. As soon as you take a puff of Depths, you’ll feel an expertly crafted mouthful of creamy and decadent vanilla custard with hints of caramelized sugar that will satisfy any sweet cravings you might have! Take that Gordon Ramsey!

We are sad to see the Gold eJuice Series go, but we are still looking forward to the future of Hometown Hero’s ejuice. We strive to provide not only top notch ejuice, but also top notch customer service to all of our amazing customers and we will continue to adjust to any new government regulations that come our way.

If you ever have any questions, do not be afraid to reach out. We are happy to help.


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