What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salts occur naturally in the tobacco plant and are simply the product of a different formulation process to extract specific chemicals from the plant. The resulting "Salt" is actually  more stable than your standard nicotine. It won’t change color or flavor as quickly as the traditional nicotine used in eliquid. Nicotine Salt is perfectly paired with lower wattage and higher resistance devices that allow the user to benefit from a much higher nicotine concentration. The Myjet, Phix, Juul, Soarun Drop and Aspire Breeze are among the many devices that work great for refilling with Nicotine Salt eliquid. These devices allow the user to vape eliquid with a much higher nicotine concentration without experiencing the typical throat hit associated with higher nicotine levels on traditional devices. Nicotine Salt helps consumers who want an alternative to cigarettes while keeping things simple and easy to use.


What is Hometown Hero Salted?

Because of the resurgence of small, low output devices, we’re bringing it back.  Pod devices and Mouth to Lung (MTL) tanks have become more popular over the past 6 months as more and more vapers are looking for an eliquid that gives them a satisfying amount of nicotine without the need for a big device that produces copious amounts of vapor.

Hometown Hero Salted is something that we've always wanted to do because of the great flavors.  The ability to use your favorite Artist Series (Hometown Hero) eliquid in both your on-the-go vape and your normal high output vape makes the versatile Salted line an even more enticing choice for vapers.

Where Do I Get Nicotine Salt eLiquid?

Right here! HometownHero.com sells Nicotine Salt eliquids perfect for your pod or other low output devices.  We currently offer five flavors:

  1. Angel Tears Salted - watermelon, berries, and coconut
  2. Angel's Breath Salted - the frozen version of Angel Tears
  3. Red Dream Salted - strawberry cream & kettle corn
  4. Ambrosia Salted - melon, citrus, and berries
  5. Witch Doctor Salted - sweet chocolate tobacco

Hometown Hero also has additional Nicotine Salt eliquid lines that were developed and sold locally prior to August 8th, 2016 that we plan to release in the upcoming years.  Stay tuned to our social media pages and on HometownHero.com for upcoming re-release dates and other product offerings.

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