Weird Vape Juice Flavors

When you hear about weird vape flavors, you might imagine a random combination of fruit or maybe a complex dessert that shouldn’t have made it past the marketing department. But you were wrong. These bizarre flavors will not only shake you to your core—they may even push your curious mind to try them.

For those who are brave, two scenarios can happen after trying these juices. Either you will surprisingly enjoy it, or you will end up tossing it right in the trash. While we cannot guarantee the outcome, our best guess is that these vape juices will likely not have you coming back for round two.

1.) Blue Cheese Flavor

Raise your hand if you like cheese. Now, keep your hand raised if you also enjoy blue cheese. Are you still with us, or did you cringe at the mere idea of it? Well, obviously, someone loves blue cheese so much that they came up with the brilliant idea of taking its sharp robust taste and turning it into an e-liquid flavor.

It is hard to imagine that any cheese fan would ever want to inhale this specific scent, but we aren’t here to judge.

2.) Garlic Flavor

Picture this, it’s been a long day, and all you can think about is garlic bread with some fresh pasta. Just the idea of this makes your mouth water, but what if we told you there was garlic e-liquid flavor available? Would this cure your cravings?

Based on those who dared to try it, their feedback shockingly had mixed responses. While some were left disgusted, others genuinely thought it wasn’t too bad. Just remember, if you have the courage to taste it for yourself, have mints on deck.

3.) Roasted Chicken Flavor

Who doesn’t love roasted chicken? The taste can feel nostalgic and wholesome, and whoever made this flavor must have agreed!

This vape juice offers a rich aroma that makes your mouth water while taking away your urge to snack. But let’s take this flavor to a whole new level and vape some apple e-liquid with it. This e-liquid combination will definitely give you Thanksgiving vibes.

4.) Hot Dog Flavor

Who said that summer foods have to end? No matter what season it is, we can all agree that nothing is better than a grilled hot dog. But sometimes the weather doesn’t agree, or we’re simply too lazy to cook. Traditionally, someone would recommend cooking it on the stove, whereas the eccentric would suggest trying out a hot dog flavored e-liquid.

While we can’t promise that it will taste as good as a New York City hot dog, it may be worth experimenting with different brands to find the iconic taste that brings out the American in all of us.

5.) Butter Flavor

The state of mind of whoever made this e-liquid is questionable, but oddly, vape enthusiasts have spoken highly of this unique mixture. The creaminess taste with the hint of sugar has left consumers feeling like they are inhaling real butter.

Although we cannot back these claims, the idea of a vape juice tasting this good makes us want to see if this flavor is worth the hype.

6.) Pumpkin Spice Flavor

The power of pumpkin spice continues to bring people together. Whether you like it in the form of a latte, dessert, or candle, we can agree that there is nothing better than this fall aroma. And apparently, others agree because manufactures

produce pumpkin spice vape juice.

You would think that this would taste just as good as the real thing. Unfortunately, according to most consumers, it is bland with no noticeable pumpkin spice taste.

7.) Tuna Flavor

Trust us—we are just as baffled as you are right now. Why there was a need to make tuna vape juice is beyond us, but you never know; maybe consumers are looking for this kind of product.

The general feedback from this particular flavor is that it faintly tasted like fish but was not overpowering. Keep in mind, this e-liquid has been known to “hang around” after the tank is empty. So unless you are committed to trying this specific mixture, it may not be worth tainting your tank.

8.) Wasabi Flavor

When you eat sushi, are you the type of person to leave the wasabi on the side, completely untouched, or do you eat it? Your answer to this question may determine if this flavoring is right for you.

Compared to the other e-liquids we have gone through, this may have a useful purpose. Instead of using real wasabi, have your mod in one hand and a fresh crab roll in the other. You won’t be eating authentic wasabi, but will be experiencing this classic spice.

Final Thoughts

Who knew there could be this many weird vape juice flavors. If anything, this shows us that you can create nearly any e-juice. For most, this list was a fun read, but if you’re searching for vape juice outside your norm, this will be an exciting list to try!

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