Vaping 101

So, you have decided to start vaping but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Vaping is defined as “the action or practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device” and has become a hit over the last decade as an alternative to cigarettes.

Choosing a device

The first step to start any person's vaping adventure is choosing their device! Over at Hometown Hero, we have two choices for you, our Boulder Rock E-Cigarette Pod System and our Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Stick

The Boulder Rock E-Cigarette Pod is not only simple and ultra-portable but better for the environment as you aren’t constantly throwing away those little disposable plastic pods. You can fill our reusable pods with any of our Hometown Hero Salted ejuice (more on that later) and as far as “the hit” goes, it is more akin to a disposable pod system (like those pesky Juul's) but if far more cost-effective, as you can refill the pods on the go.

Next we have our fan-favorite stick mod, The Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Stick! We actually have already published a full piece on that mod if you want to check it out here. To put it simply, this device is the perfect starter kit for anyone new to vaping and is simple, portable, and more importantly, affordable. This works great with all of our delicious traditional ejuices (NOT salted) and is gonna get you the biggest clouds. 

Selecting the right eJuice

If you are looking for ejuice, boy have you come to the right place as Hometown Hero has dozens of delicious flavors, so many that the hardest choice you’ll make is choosing one! Our juices come in a variety of series’ including Lazer Wolf, Leviathan, GOLD, JUST, and of course the gorgeous Artist Series. I encourage you to take a look at each line to really choose the one that best suits you! An important thing to consider when shopping for ejuice is the strength of the nicotine in the juice, which is measured by mg. MG (or mg/mL) stands for milligrams per milliliter, meaning for every milliliter of ejuice there is in the bottle, there are that many milligrams of nicotine. 

If you choose to vape the Boulder Rock E-Cigarette Pod, you are going to have to get some Salted ejuice to go with it, as traditional ejuices are not made for that system. The term “Salted ejuice” has nothing to do with flavor, but instead refers to nicotines natural state, as this nicotine salt allows you to enjoy a higher nicotine strength with no harshness and has a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. Nicotine salt allows you to enjoy a higher nicotine strength with little to no harshness at all. All of our Salted ejuice bottles come in 30ml bottles with a nic level of 30mg or 50mg!

Our traditional ejuice comes in either a 60ml or 100ml bottle with a range of nicotine from 0-9mg (0 being of course no nicotine for those who just want those tasty clouds). As far as the VG/PG ratio goes, we keep in line with the industry standard of 70/30 as it is the best for taste and clouds while using any tank or mod! As far as mg levels go on the traditional ejuice side, they can range between 0mg - 9mg depending on the series and flavor you choose!

We know that all of these flavors and starting your vape career can be a bit overwhelming, so we are always willing to give our recommendations, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

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