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We are sad to report our friends and fellow Texan Business, Vape Wild will be closing their doors on September 9th. We have made it our mission to support Vape Wild and all of its customers by highlighting some of their top flavors and giving an alternative product from our own lines.

Vape Wild is an amazing company and we are sad to see them go, as they hold themselves and their product to an extremely high standard that we not only respect but find very similar to ours. Us Texans have to stick together!

Best Vape Wild eJuice

#1 Murica eJuice - Rocket Popsicle Flavor

Vape Wild Merica eJuiceSweet cherries, delicious blue raspberries, and mouth-puckering lemon-lime come together to bring you this delicious ejuice reminiscent of a certain frozen treat. We cannot confirm or deny whether this Vape Wild eJuice tastes even better while rocking an American flag bandana, riding a bald eagle, and jamming to some classic rock.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives


Hometown Hero Ambrosia eJuiceWith a variety of Berries, Melons, and Citrus flavors, our Ambrosia eJuice is a great alternative to Vape Wild’s Murica eJuice! Everyone who tries this flavor tells us they’ve never vaped anything like it.

Watermelon Crush

Hometown Hero Just Watermelon CrushThink about it, what is everyone’s favorite fruit at the 4th of July Celebration? Watermelon. Take a refreshing hit of an ejuice that feels like your sucking on your favorite watermelon hard candy or just vaping straight from a ripe melon with our Watermelon Crush eJuice.

Strawberry Punch

Hometown Hero Just Strawberry PunchIf the berry flavor is what you really are looking for, this Strawberry Punch well… packs a punch. It is basically the equivalent of smoking one million small strawberries.

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#2 Summer Solstice eJuice - Mixed Tropical Fruit Flavor

Vape Wild Summer Solstice eJuiceBasically a beach vacation in a bottle, next up we have Vape Wild’s Summer Solstice eJuice! A tropical blend with oranges, strawberries, pineapples, and bananas topped with a refreshing coconut rum that will make you want to grab your swimsuit and immediately hit the beach!

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives


Hometown Hero Leviathan FathomA delicious blend of mango, ripe strawberries, and creamy yogurt that will leave your taste buds in a state of bliss that you will not be able to even fathom. Perfect for a nice sunny day!


Hometown Hero LegendWe took the delicious flavor of banana cream and combined it with the rich sweetness of rum to make this dessert vape scientifically designed to be enjoyed by your favorite body of water. If you’re a fan of sweet desserts or beverage flavors you’re guaranteed to go wild for Legend.


Hometown Hero Leviathan AbyssAn ejuice to transport your taste buds to a nice sunny beach, go ahead and lose yourself in the lush clouds of juicy pineapple with our Abyss eJuice!

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#3 Blueberry Cheesecake eJuice

Vape Wild Blueberry Cheese Cake eJuicePlump Blueberries? Check. Creamy Cheesecake? Check. Smashing both together to make a decadently irresistible eJuice? Double Check. Treat your taste buds with Vape Wild’s Blueberry Cheesecake eJuice!

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Red Dream

Hometown Hero Red DreamFor the first alternative to Vape Wild’s delicious Blueberry Cheesecake eJuice we have one of our favorite ejuices, Red Dream. We took strawberries and cream but added our own little twist, savory-sweet kettle corn. Might sound a little unusual, but everyone who tries to it instantly falls in love.

Straw-Melon Cupcake

Hometown Hero Gold Straw-Melon CupcakeFor those of you with a sweet tooth, this delicious concoction of strawberries and watermelon topped with delicious cupcake frosting all in one bottle will sure do the trick!


Hometown Hero CrunchyWhile developing crunchy, we wanted to make an ejuice that reminded everyone of those crunchy, gooey marshmallow rice crispy treats we all loved as a kid. Make sure to let us know how well we did in creating that experience.

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#4 Strawberry Waterfelons eJuice - Strawberry and Watermelon Flavor

Vape Wild Strawberry Waterfelons eJuiceI think we can all agree that Strawberries and Watermelons are the gold standards when it comes to fruit. Now meld the delicious taste of strawberries with a sweet fusion of watermelon and you get this absolutely magnificent ejuice.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Straw-Melon Cupcake

Hometown Hero Gold Straw-Melon CupcakeA great alternative to Vape Wild’s Strawberry Waterfelon eJuice, our Strawmelon Cupcake also mixes a sweet fusion of strawberries and watermelon but instead topping it with a sweet cupcake frosting.

Angel Tears

Hometown Hero Angel TearsAn ejuice inspired by everyone’s favorite snow cone flavor, Tiger’s Blood. This sweet fusion of watermelon, berries, and coconut is gonna leave you with a smile on your face and a lush cloud of delicious smoke.

Angel’s Breath

Hometown Hero Angel's BreathThe same taste of our Angel Tears, but with a twist, we added menthol for those who want that refreshing, cooling taste.

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#5 Cowboy Cooler eJuice - Menthol and Mixed Berries

Vape Wild Cowboy Cooler eJuiceCarrying certain qualities of its combustible contemporaries, Vape Wild’s Cowboy Cooler lassos an array of tasty berries with that refreshing menthol taste that will have your spurs spinning with delight.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives


Hometown Hero Lazer Wolf NeonCandy, fruit, and menthol lovers will regret not trying out this seriously tasty peach menthol vape. This refreshing and cool (not minty) vape is a fan favorite of Hometown Hero’s loyal customer base, with many satisfied customers proclaiming it’s like vaping candy peach rings!

Angel’s Breath

Hometown Hero Angel's BreathAnother great menthol vape alternative to Vape Wild’s Cowboy Cooler eJuice, our very own Angel’s Breath has a cool, refreshing watermelon inhale with a sweet berry and coconut exhale.


Hometown Hero AmbrosiaWith a unique array of berries, melon, and a citrus background, everyone who tries this flavor tells us they’ve never vaped anything like it. Ambrosia is a good alternative minus the menthol to Vape Wild’s Cowboy Cooler eJuice.

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