Pod-based Vape System Showdown
Cigarettes were simple. I'd pat my pocket to make sure I've got my pack, assume I had a lighter and be good to go. They were convenient, and available pretty much everywhere. E-cigarette technology is now to where it’s getting pretty close to achieving this same level of simplicity. This is where cartridge and pod-based systems come in.
I don’t personally mind carrying around 2 high-wattage box mods, a battery charger, extra batteries, coils, pliers, cotton, and half a rucksack full of juice. Not usually. But if I didn’t work at the greatest e-liquid company on the planet,  Hometown Hero, I doubt I’d feel the same. And when I'm dragging the better part of a vape shop around the airport, spending my entire three-hour layover trying to figure out where I can discreetly chuck a cloud, I find myself wishing I had a hassle-free, stealthy vape to hit.


Pod-based devices are rechargeable low-wattage atomizers that take pods of e-juice. The pods are either refilled or made to be disposable - and that is the main distinction between the two types of systems, open or closed. A pod-based system is said to be ‘open' if it is meant to be easily filled with the liquid of your choice, and ‘closed' if it's intended to take pre-filled pods you toss out and replace. Open systems are like tiny little tank atomizers, where you fill them up and occasionally change the coil, whereas closed systems are like my Keurig coffee maker where you use the brand's pre-packaged plug and play coils that come already filled. 


Fill Your Pods With


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