Top Five JUUL Questions Answered

I've gotten a ton of questions about the JUUL and wanted to answer some of the most popular ones for you here.

What pod system is better then the JUUL ?

The Boulder Rock. It can be found below.

Can you use any juice in a JUUL pod? Or do you have to use nicotine salt ejuice?

Nicotine salt ejuice is typically made specifically for pod-based vape devices. Since these vape systems use much smaller coils and wicks, the juice made for them is thinner— typically 50/50 (VG/PG) as opposed to 70/30 as we use in our ejuice made for tanks and rebuildable coils. The higher the VG in the mix, the thicker the juice is going to be. And thicker juice will not wick as well in pod-based vape devices such as the JUUL. By using a 50/50 ratio, the juice is thinner and wicks better and works better in these pods. So, it is not necessarily the fact that nicotine salt is being used that makes the difference as much as the viscosity of the e-juice. 

"The more PG, the thinner the juice"

Since you get less vapor production with a thinner VG/PG ratio and (much smaller coils) it's preferable to have a higher nicotine level, as you see in most nicotine salt e-juice.

We suggest filling your pods with something from our Salted line because it has the ideal 50/50 pg/vg ratio that is perfect for use in the JUUL and other pod systems. 

How can I stop my JUUL from spitting?

See the video, starting at around 4:30. This is easier to show than tell.

How many times can I refill my JUUL pods?

There's not a specific answer. Roughly five(ish). This depends on a lot of different factors such as what kind of juice you're using, how often you're hitting it, etc...If you're using sweeter juice, it's going to burn out a lot faster.  An easy hack to see if you're e-liquid will burn out coils faster is the color.  Darker e-liquid usually burns coils out faster, while clearer e-liquid will keep your coils fresher longer.

Can I change the cotton out on my JUUL pods?


What nicotine salt ejuice nic level is going to be equivalent to the ejuice I currently use?

I'd recommend starting lower. We offer a 30mg in our Salted line. There isn't a one to one match, so start there and see if that works for you. If it's not enough. Remember, nicotine salt is much, much smoother so you will not experience such an aggressive throat hit.  While JUUL has a proprietary nicotine salt they use for their products, it's equivalent to 59mgs in strength in one of their 5% pods.  JUUL now makes 3% pods as well which is approximately 39mgs. As we mentioned above though, JUUL's nicotine salts are proprietary, so any juice you use not made by JUUL will feel a little different even if the nicotine in equivalent.


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