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With new PMTA guidelines going into effect next month, on September 9th many of our fellow eJuice brothers and sisters are being forced to close their doors. Sadly, our friends over at Stash e-Liquids will be one of the ejuice businesses forced to shut down, putting out this heartfelt statement. We over at Hometown Hero are looking to support their customers with some alternatives to Stash e-Liquids best ejuices.

Best Stash e-Liquids

1) My Sweet One eJuice

Stash E-Liquid My Sweet One eJuiceStash e-Liquids took whipped cream, mixed ripped berries, just the right amount of custard, and mixed them all together to create this delicious and fruity ejuice.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Red Dream

Hometown Hero Red Dream VapeWe found a way to make a strawberry and sweet cream ejuice even better by adding our own little twist, savory-sweet kettle corn. Though it sounds unusual, everyone who tries this one instantly falls in love with this warm, savory inhale mixed with a sweet strawberry cream finish.


Hometown Hero Legend VapeFor those of you who are a fan of sweet dessert vapes, this ejuice combines the delicious flavor of banana cream with the rich sweetness of rum with a hit so good you’ll see where it got its name.

Wild Buffalo

Hometown Hero Wild Buffalo VapeThis rich and creamy ejuice should bring back some fond memories. Vape an old-fashion root beer float (topped with vanilla ice cream of course) that is as easy on your tongue as it will be on your coils.

2) Golden Road eJuice

Stash E-Liquid Golden Road eJuiceA unique ejuice blend of sweet and sour tropical fruits, fused with some creamy flavor and a hint of tart greek yogurt to top it all off resulting in a truly tasty exhale.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives


Lazer Wolf Turbo VapeThis ejuice was designed specifically to transport its users to their favorite beach with a top-shelf strawberry margarita in their hand. A refreshing mix of lush strawberries, agave, and a touch of cool lime zest to give you the best margarita we could, and we did this all without a blender.


Leviathan Fathom VapeCould you even fathom a premium blend of mango, ripe strawberries, and yogurt in an ejuice? Well, fathom it, because we got it. An ejuice made with fruit purists in mind, your taste buds will thank you for getting this one later.

Sun Drops

Hometown Hero Sun Drops VapeA taste of summer year-round, we created the best tasting ejuice tea flavor yet, lightly-sweetened with a touch of passion fruit for those wanting something not only delicious but refreshing.

3) Chilly Water eJuice

Stash E-Liquid Chilly Water eJuiceStash e-Liquids went out of their way to make the perfect poolside vape for a hot day when they mixed juicy watermelon, ripe peaches, fresh berries, and grape all blended together with hints of coconut and citrus topped off with a refreshingly cool finish.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives


Lazer Wolf Neon VapeIf you’re a fan of Stash e-Liquids Chilly Water, then we can guarantee you that you’ll love our Neon eJuice! Instead of the taste of ripe peaches, we went a step farther and mixed the chilling taste of menthol with delicious candy peach rings for an even tastier, cooler experience!

Angel’s Breath

Hometown Hero Angel's Breath VapeThis fan-favorite ejuice gives you a cool, refreshing watermelon inhale with sweet berries and coconut on the exhale. Even for those who claim to hate the taste of menthol in their vape can’t stop buying Angel’s Breath.

4) Forever Young eJuice

Stash E-Liquid Forever Young eJuiceStash e-Liquid sought out to recreate that childhood feeling of waking up to Saturday morning cartoons and a delicious bowl of cereal with their Forever Young ejuice. Sweet berries combined with a rich and creamy undertone will take you on a trip down memory lane with every puff.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Why So Cereal?

Hometown Hero Why So Cereal VapeFor those who love the sweet berries with cream of Stash e-Liquid’s Forever Young eJuice, our Why So Cereal is the perfect alternative. We took slightly tart raspberries, crunchy cereal, and a creamy milk taste to create something truly special that you aren’t going to want to put down.


Hometown Hero Crunchy VapeWe took another childhood memory, enjoying those deliciously addicting Rice Krispy Treats and bottled it up for your pleasure! An ejuice that tastes like gooey marshmallows and crunchy treats, if you like buttery cereal and dessert vapes it will be hard to put this one down.


Hometown Hero Ambrosia Vape With lush melons, sweet red berries, and a bright citrus background, our Ambrosia eJuice is about as unique as ejuice’s get and is guaranteed to quench that sweet tooth of yours.

5) Bliss eJuice

Stash E-Liquid Bliss eJuiceA remarkably unique cereal vape with an emphasis on dry corn and wheat flakes, mixed with a highlight of strawberry, Stash e-liquids successfully put a Strawberry Breakfast Bar in a vape juice with this one.

Hometown Hero eJuice Alternatives

Why So Cereal?

Hometown Hero Why So Cereal VapeSo it might not be a breakfast bar like Stash e-Liquids Bliss eJuice, but it is still a breakfast vape with some tart raspberries, crunchy cereal, and a creamy milk finish to sweeten up your morning vape sesh.

Red Dream

Hometown Hero Red Dream VapeOne of our personal favorite ejuices, Red Dream is well, a dream vape for any strawberry lover. We took the classic strawberry and cream ejuice but with our own little spin, adding the savory-sweet taste of kettle corn.

Stash e-liquids

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Tracy Stelling

Tracy Stelling

Hello, I am so bummed to hear Stash E-Liquids are no longer open! I would be so greatful if I could purchase my favorite flavors through you guys! I’m looking for 120ml(if available) of

-Valhalla -sleeping monkey -PB&J -dark star.
If you can get ahold of these or any one of them please let me know. If you know of another brand with similar flavor profiles let me know.
Thank you
Tracy Stelling

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