Sky Solo Plus, your new favorite mod!

So you want to join the vape nation but don't know where to start? Do we have the mod for you. 

Vapemate states that some of the main reasons someone would pick up vaping is to find an alternative to smoking, pick up a new hobby, or just relax and chill, but no matter the reason, The Sky Solo Plus is a great way to start your vaping journey. 

The beginning of your vaping journey can be a tricky one, as there are so many options from different mods, different juices, and different parts but where the Sky Solo Plus succeeds is its simplicity and user-friendly nature. Right out of the box you'll notice everything you need, and then some extra. With directions that a trained monkey could follow (please do not share your mod with a trained monkey) setting up the Sky Solo Plus is a simple task, so simple in fact that it will probably take you longer to pick out your first juice flavor then it will to put together this mod. 

Don't forget to throw on some vape bands (conveniently already in the box in a wide assortment of colors) to protect that glass tube, as a shattered tube is a guaranteed way to ruin your day. 

Your hardest choice nows lies ahead of you, what flavor are you gonna vape? Here is a complete list of our flavors to choose from, with my personal recommendation being Neon for a frozen peach ring taste.

Alright, you have your new mod and a bottle of juice, now it's time to vape. As a vape novice myself I was pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of my first hit with this mod as I produced a great sized cloud that partnered excellently with that sweet neon taste. 

Don't take my word for it? Go pick up your very own Sky Solo Plus Mod today! Happy Smoking!






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